Ask the West Nodaway R-1 Board of Education to grant Camryn Brady's appeals to remain in the A+ Program and go on senior trip.



Cami is the model of a good student and great kid. This is a young adult that ha decided to go into the teaching profession despite the less than stellar examples she has recently been shown.

Troy Brady (Maryville , 2023-01-20)


Because medical absences should not be the deciding factor for scholarships and field trips. She has maintained her homework and each absences was medical in nature for surgeries she had no control over.

Tonya Ball (St Joseph , 2023-01-20)


This is very unfair! Do the right thing!

Macia Kemper (Barnard, 2023-01-20)


Im signing because the decision made by the board of education is wrong in regards to cami brady!

Donna yamamoto (Maple Valley, 2023-01-20)


A student who has shown time and time again she puts her education first shouldn’t be denied because of medically required care and surgeries.

Kendra Ivie (Polo, 2023-01-20)


It is inconceivable to me that these medical absences are not excused.

Donna Kullen (Conneaut Lake, 2023-01-20)


Maybe the Superintendent needs asked why the school allows FMLA for their employees...

Jay Andrews (Clearmont, 2023-01-20)


I’m signing because they should reconsider the facts that the absence was do to medical condition as certified by a doctor.

Connie Randall (Skidmore, 2023-01-20)


Health issues shouldn’t be held against any child.

Jessie Smock (Skidmore , 2023-01-20)


I think every child should have the right to a solid education and safe socialization with their peers.

Amy White (Gladstone, 2023-01-20)


Y'al are ridiculous refusing this kid participation in something as simple as a class trip! Rolling my damn eyes!

Han Ford (Grandview, 2023-01-20)


From the A+ program website-2020 High School Seniors and Forward who attended an A+ designated high school for any 2 years of the 4 years prior to high school graduation have met this requirement.

Cynde Wake (Maryville, 2023-01-20)


Camryn deserves it academically and socially. She has proven her worth within the community and has proven she will continue this whole heartedly wherever she chooses to go!

Michael Reasoner (Skidmore , 2023-01-20)


Cami has proven to be an active member of her school community despite her health conditions. She should be celebrated, not penalized!

Chariti Brewer (Cary, 2023-01-20)


Camryn deserves everything she’s worked so hard for. I hope this helps!
Kickass Camryn!

Destiny Dawson (Atlantic, 2023-01-20)


An individual should not be punished or excluded for any health circumstances beyond their control.

Ray Reasoner (Bedford, 2023-01-20)


This student deserves it and is a good kid with excellent grades. She is a role model student and the administration and board appear to be making an example out of the wrong student.

Tana Wymer (Clearmont, 2023-01-20)


This young lady is an exemplary student and should not be penalized for legitimate medical absences.

Arlene Ward (Maryville , 2023-01-20)


because i am afriend of the family and think she has always been a good student

jerry sharr (maryville, 2023-01-20)


The health and welfare of our children should be prioritized and children should not be penalized when medical treatment necessitates an absence. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” - MLK Jr

Terra Feick (Maryville, 2023-01-20)


I am signing because, as alumna of WN, i believe they should do better. Medical reasons should always be excused. And, for her to miss as much as she did, and still achieve so much academically, proves that she has earned her trip and A+ program.

Melanie Grace (Maryville , 2023-01-20)


This is wrong doing by the school!!!

Tina Harkrider (Maryville , 2023-01-20)


I’m signing because Camryn is a friend and fellow classmate who deserves it to participate in senior trip and utilize the benefits of the A+ program. Camryn is a great student and a hard worker, she always strives to do her best and her grades and her hard work show that.

Jodi Andrews (Clearmont , 2023-01-20)


She hasn't broken any of the rules. She has papers to prove it. She's worked hard to keep her grades up.

Kathy Henry (Sheridan , 2023-01-20)


With documented doctor's notes all absences should be excused. The students grades and participation should also be considered.

Jack Vaught (Overland Park, 2023-01-20)


I think the board should reconsider their decisions based on medical absences.

Schon Linville (Grand Prairie , 2023-01-20)


I'm signing because I believe the documentation has been provided to allow this child the right to go with her fellow classmates on senior trip. Also she has shown she is willing to do what it takes to get her A+ hours.

Tonya Andrews (Clearmont, 2023-01-20)


This student has done all that has been asked of her, overcome major health challenges and still excelled academically. She should be celebrated not punished.

Michelle Allen (Barnard, 2023-01-20)


This is unacceptable

Nakayla Nelson (Clearmont , 2023-01-20)


Cami is an amazing young lady who has dealt with a lot of adversity in her young life. She is a hard worker and she more than deserves to be a part of the A+ program. I’m sure she’s been looking forward to her senior trip for years, and to deny her of the celebration of 13 years at West Nodaway is beyond cruel.

Beth Brookshier (St. Louis, 2023-01-20)


She's my cousin and she deserves better

Alexis Maurer (Graham , 2023-01-20)


Camryn should not be penalized for issues that was out of their control. West Nodaway needs to get it together and not only cater to the people with money and the good last names.

Garrett Torres (Hopkins, 2023-01-20)


Camryn went above and beyond with her school work and managed to do so despite the life threatening challenges she faced. We should applaud such accomplishments when facing these challenges instead of throwing the rule book at her. I am rarely a fan of exceptions being made for people, but this is a case where the rules being enforced don't accurately reflect the intent of implementation. I hope that the policymakers reconsider their decisions and allow Camryn access to her activities as she has managed to endure far too much to be denied such rewards.

Michael Baumli (Maryville, 2023-01-20)


Camryn has worked hard and should not be punished for having medical problems

Heather Gillip (Union Star, 2023-01-20)


I’m signing because I believe the only qualified person to determine what an ‘accepted absence’ is a medical physician. Thus medical documentation w/ accompanying physician recommendation for approved absences should not negatively effect any student in anyway. HIPPA laws protect the person from having to disclose personal medical information unless they choose to do so and I believe this student was forced to do so because a physician statement wasn’t sufficient (which is absurd - a physician statement is all that is needed to incapacitate an adult - so why not in this case!) .

Mendy Hausman (Saint Joseph , 2023-01-20)


This is completely unfair! A great student being punished for medical emergencies is ridiculous.

Racheal Stump (Hopkins, 2023-01-20)


Camryn is a great student. She would never miss school or any event if she had the choice. Medical reasons, such as a much needed surgery, is not a choice.

Natasha Young (Maryville, 2023-01-20)


Right is right.

Cheri Riddle (Bedford , 2023-01-20)


I’m signing because I would hope if my child was ever in this position they would be treated fairly. This makes my heart hurt for her. Praying she is given some grace. She sounds like an outstanding kiddo!

Whitney Plackemeier (Maryville, 2023-01-20)


West Nodaway needs to the right thing here.

Kate Esely (Saint Joseph, 2023-01-20)


Her health should always come first. Sounds like she has maintained her grades better than some of the students who were able to be at school.

Libby Cross (Hopkins, 2023-01-20)


Cami deserves to go on Senior Trip and be an A+ Student.

Debi Grace (BJ, 2023-01-20)


She deserves a yes on the appeals and should not be punished for being ill.

Rachel Brown (Grant City, 2023-01-20)


I'm signing the petition because i feel she should have the right to go on her senior trip. Look at what she has accomplished all while dealing with health issues!!

Lindsey Wood (Barnard, 2023-01-20)


She has clearly met all requirements that are within her control. She should not be punished for things that she has no power over.

Karis Morrow (Maryville, 2023-01-20)


I'm signing because she deserves this. She has kept up with everything despite all the stuff she's gone through.

Erica Gladman (Tarkio, 2023-01-20)


I believe she’s done more than most to earn her Senior trip. Sounds like those surgeries were life saving if not taken care of when they did. Surgeries were deemed necessary and so therefore should be excused. She’s obviously made up the work to earn the regular and high honor roll accolades every year.

Jaclyn McElroy (Canyon Lake, 2023-01-20)


Cami Brady has gone above and beyond even through all of her challenges. She deserves to be a part of these senior programs.

Deidra Hunn (Lenexa, 2023-01-20)


It is apparent that no child should be penalized for prioritizing their health. Obviously she met the required objectives of the educational program as evidenced by exemplary academic achievement. Policy is heartless and unfair and motivated by something other than the welll-being of the student.

Gayla Wallace (Tarkio, 2023-01-20)


People deserve second chances and understanding.

Tammy Luke (Kansas City , 2023-01-20)


If they don't let her keep it and let her go on the trip this just shows how messed up our school board and administration is

Kurt Peterson (Burlington jct, 2023-01-20)


I believe Camryn has done everything possible to keep her grades up, support her school and class with volunteering. Camryn would have been in class if she had been physically able! Please reconsider and let her enjoy these last few months of her Senior year!

Sally Farley (Maryville, 2023-01-20)


To support Cami Brady to be allowed to be able to be included in the A+program and attend senior trip

Patricia J Wyatt (Maryville, 2023-01-20)


I'm signing because this is ridiculous. She had to have surgeries and as a school you should care not only about education but the health of your students. You are punishing a student for seeking help with her health and never even asked how she was doing! Hell I graduated from there and got into a car wreck and everyone asked how I was doing! What happened to caring about the child's life? You care if a child is getting abused but if they have to have a surgery you don't? Don't even get me started on the bullying in that school. So glad I graduated when I did. Get your priorities straight! Give this girl what she deserves for her grades. So what she missed days her grades didn't change. She helped pay for the senior trip with her dues so if this doesn't get changed she should get all the money she has put towards it for the four years!!!

Chelsey Hughes (Clarinda, 2023-01-20)


Camryn has shown so much courage going through all of those health issues and maintained such high academic standards. Nobody would have blamed her if her grades had slipped the past couple of years, but they didn’t and now it seems like she is being punished.

Sarah Franks (Essex, 2023-01-20)


I feel she was treated unfair!

Chelsey Clymer (Mount Ayr, 2023-01-20)


I feel that this opportunity should not be taken away from her. She has had medical issues that affected her attendance record, however she more than adequately made up for missed time. She shouldn’t be punished for medical issues. The rules may say attendance is a requirement but the reasons for missing school should be reviewed and rewritten.

Teresa Begley (Maryville, 2023-01-20)


Camryn has achieved as much or more than her classmates while enduring beyond her share of hardship.

Casey Callow (Platte City, 2023-01-20)


I feel camryn is being punished for something that is out of her control. If she has all the documentation that is needed for excused absences then I dont understand what the problem is. As for the A+ program, this could make a difference for her college education and as for senior trip, this is a once in a life time opportunity for her to enjoy with her class! She has been through so much the past couple years (and before) let the poor girl enjoy the rest of her senior year!

Deborah McIntyre (Burlington jct , 2023-01-20)


Im signing this because it’s not fair to this young girl to get ripped of the fun things that are her last in high school. The world is cruel and taking the things that she has worked hard for due to illness that she couldn’t control is cruel and unfair.

Alanna Kieler (Tarkio, 2023-01-20)


This child has worked hard to be an exceptional student. She does not deserve to have privileges taken away from her because of something that was out of her control. There should be exceptions to every rule & a medical situation should definitely be one.

LaDonna Bensyl (St. Joseph , 2023-01-20)


I'm signing because denying this student's appeal for A+ and senior trip eligibility is ridiculous. I am a former school counselor (I was in the profession from 2018-2021), so I understand the strict attendance policy required for A+ eligibility. I also understand that the state of Missouri allows individual districts to handle their own appeal processes. I do not, however, understand the board's decision to deny this student's appeal. I know this family personally and they have raised an incredibly responsible, dependable, and conscientious student. Denying this student's A+ attendance appeal will end up costing her THOUSANDS of dollars in college tuition. The purpose of a secondary school is to educate, prepare, and support students that are about to take their next steps into the world. You are molding and shaping the citizens of tomorrow - future medical professionals, teachers, scientists, public service workers, etc. These students are the next generation. Denying this student's A+ attendance appeal sends the message that West Nodaway R-I school district doesn't care about the success of individual students --- only the district's bottom line. Please reconsider the approval of this student's appeal.

Kari Taylor (King City, 2023-01-20)


This is just wrong let the child go on her Senior trip and have fun. It sounds like she deserves it , no young child should have to go through so much pain.

Deb Redmond (Barnard, 2023-01-20)


A note from a certified doctor should qualify as an excused absence and should not be measured negatively. Does a staff member lose benefits for doctors visits and surgeries?

Travis Rohr (Clearmont, 2023-01-20)


I believe these forms of zero tolerance policies are very often unfair to students because they allow no gray area.

Tim Thompson (Jefferson City, 2023-01-20)


Absences for surgeries should not be hel against a student and their eligibility for programs. It is not fair to double sing a and loss of events

Shelly Sybert (Maryville , 2023-01-20)


Schools need to do better!!

Heather Mayer (Omaha, NE, 2023-01-20)


I believe the school is wrong!

Champagne Murphy (Stewartville , 2023-01-20)


Things need to be made right because of one thing.. Common sense

Parag Patel (Ft Worth, 2023-01-20)


nobody should be punished for undergoing medical trauma!

Hannah Garland (Lawrence, 2023-01-20)


Children should not be punished because of health issues they cannot control. Camryn excelled despite her medical issues and a pandemic while many others struggled including most likely the adults making such arbitrary rules and standards. I hope the board will review this case and show the compassion we all called for the past few years from each other.

Lindsey Reynolds (Maryville, 2023-01-20)


Camryn has more than proven her dedication to her education, as well as her school/community. She deserves her A+ hours for scholarships to attend college and attend senior trip with her classmates.

Nicole Carter (Maryville , 2023-01-20)


Justice go bruhhh

Puwit Napibul (Songkla, 2023-01-20)


This is an unfair ruling given Camryn’s excellent academic and extra curricular records. She should not be punished for attendance when it involved medical issues AND she was able to make up all work along the way. She’s a hard worker and doesn’t deserve this punishment.

Kelly Jackson (Lee’s Summit, 2023-01-20)


This young lady deserves to remain in the A+ program and enjoy all of the associated benefits. If the handbook states that verified hospitalizations, surgeries, etc are not a reason for being dismissed from the program, then it is the duty of the school district to adhere to their own policy and allow her to remain in the program. Above all, show some basic human decency, these surgeries and time out of school were not something she could control and were necessary to keep her healthy. It seems as though, for all she has gone through, she has remained committed to being an exceptional student and deserves nothing less than your best efforts to recognize her as such.

Catherine Runde (Grant City, 2023-01-20)


A student with an illness that requires mandatory medical attention that results in school absences should be excused and not held against them.

Debbie Reasoner (Shawnee, 2023-01-20)


Common sense says all the facts point towards granting Camryn’s petition. She has demonstrated hard work and determination despite the health issues she has also dealt with during this time.

Aaron Luke (KC, 2023-01-20)


She has worked so hard being in this program/award.

Jo Robbins (Amana Iowa , 2023-01-20)


Camryn has shown her ability to exceed and be a good representative of the school. The decision to punish her for documented health reasons is wrong.

Ed Reasoner (Shawnee Mission, 2023-01-20)


Camryn deserves everything she worked hard for. No one should feel like they have to choose school over health. Give this senior her year back!!!!!!

Sarah Rohr (Clearmont, 2023-01-20)


I am a retired school superintendent & this young woman deserves to go on her senior trip.

P. Allen Whitlatch (Lewistown , 2023-01-20)


I think she absent because she have a good reason. she is on the student council Help a school assignment. I think if she get contain grade achievements in the scholarship and she has done a lot of activities in school, then it is reasonable for her to continue to get the scholarship.

Paweethida Buadum (Songkhla, 2023-01-20)


It’s not fair to her

Misty Murphy (Warrensburg , 2023-01-20)


Read the petition. I mean. Come on. This is the exact reason we moved from that school district.

Samantha Hughes (Maryville , 2023-01-20)


Cami is not only a hardworking student but a reliable and caring friend. Her allergies and surgeries have been difficult enough and she deserves the A+ scholarship as well as Senior trip. Surgery is not a vacation; these absences have not been her choice and she should not be punished.

Maggie Calfee (Maryville, 2023-01-20)


I disagree with the attendance committee and it's one thing when I kid is missing school and unable to keep up the grades and activities and even then, you have Healthcare documentation that trumps all policies in my eye. I hope she gets the appeal and she can enjoy what's left of her Sr Yr without having to worry about the BS

Randa Davidson (Kansas City , 2023-01-20)


I am signing this in support of camryn and her family! They are an amazing family and education has always been important to them! I hope this will help the board change their minds.

Mikayla Winafeld (Canton, 2023-01-20)


This is bullshit and she deserves senior trip and A+. The school board must be full of idiots not to see this

David Smyser (Hopkins , 2023-01-20)


Shame on a school for punishing a student for health issues far beyond her control. Show some support for your students and praise her for remaining involved and keep grades up despite her absences.

Amber Fooken (Mount Ayr, 2023-01-20)


Something similar happened to me in 1978. Due to a board member standing up for me, I was allowed to go on senior trip.

Shelli Wampler (Higginsville , 2023-01-20)


She deserves to go on the senior trip and get her A+ - she has been thru enough with all of her health issues!! Have a heart!!

Kathe DeMott (Maryville, 2023-01-20)


This matter should never be to this level, Camryn’s surgery’s should be excused and she should be able to go with her classmates on senior trip!! This surgery is not something that could have been put off or something she did for fun. Come on West Nodaway we all knew you had a bad name in Nodaway county but this is really low. This has to do with a students life and you are punishing her because of health issues out of her control!!! Ridiculous, West Nodaway that’s real classy of you!!!!

Connie Murphy (Barnard, 2023-01-20)


Anyone and everyone in the Brady household have always been role model students, and great citizens that anyone could look up to. This infuriates me as a West Nodaway alumna and everyone on the school board should be ashamed and embarrassed. I don’t know one person outside of the board that thinks this ruling is fair and just. Please overturn the ruling and allow Camryn to go on senior trip (the last time she can make life long memories with her classmates) and reinstate her A+ enrollment/involvement. Do not punish this young lady for health issues that were out of her control. Think of your senior trips and your memories. Are you really willing to unjustly strip her privilege of those precious moments? Or of her scholarship opportunity that she has spent years maintaining? Please put yourselves in her shoes and have some empathy.

Kristine Ecker (Lees Summit, 2023-01-20)


Heath issues that can not be helped. Should not effect things like this . These things were all beyond her control and she should not be punished for it.

Holly Cook (Burlington Junction , 2023-01-20)



Cole shelby (Cape Girardeau, 2023-01-20)


She should be allowed to go on the school trip. It seems she is being punished through no fault of her own. This is ridiculous that she’s being denied.

Kathy Bynum (Maryville , 2023-01-20)


She sounds like a very hard worker and has kept good grades and is a good student.

Necama Parman (Barnard, 2023-01-20)


Absences for serious health issues should be excused. It is unreasonable to deny a really good student the rewards of her labor and grit in spite of the obstacles she faced that we’re not her fault.

Carolyn Johnson (Maryville, 2023-01-20)


I am signing because this child deserves to remain in the A+ program and policy states a physicians note qualifies for approved absence
If she was failing school that would be different. She can't help she has had illness

Joyce Harris (Burlington Jct, 2023-01-20)


Because it’s unfair for them not to give this to her.

Katie Wilkins (Maryville , 2023-01-20)


Although she may have missed school, she went through a lot and her health definitely needs to come before absolutely anything! If she isn't healthy, going to school won't do her any good as it is very hard to participate in school and do well if you feel awful! I know from experience!!

Audree Embley (Maryville, 2023-01-20)


I'm signing this because no student deserves to be punished for medical emergencies. They have no control over this.

I'm signing this because I've seen and known student who have done far more and been punished far less.

Payton Schomburg (Maryville, 2023-01-20)


She deserves it a very sweet, respectful young lady

Wendy Combs (Maryville , 2023-01-20)


She deserves it!

Kelsy Manassero (Saint Joseph, 2023-01-20)

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