Reject Proposed Rezoning on Winnetka and Harold 2023



I love my neighborhood the way it is and don’t want it developed further for a number of reasons. I voted for my elected officials because they promised to preserve the high quality of life and standards of safety in this city. The community has already rejected this proposal once. Stop bringing it forward, we don’t want it.

B Bender (Golden Valley, 2023-02-20)


The R3 designator also allows (possibly) first floor retail space, which would substantially increase traffic concerns.

Additionally one of the reasons for the change was a high traffic bus line on 55 by increasing density. To establish R3 to accommodate this...most definitely not in keeping with the character of the neighborhood.

Martha Johnson (Golden Valley, 2023-02-20)


We need the best fit for neighbors and the proposed petition is not ideal.

Mark Sejvar (Golden+Valley, 2023-02-20)


I am signing this as the R-3 Zoning does not fit the neighborhood. Highway 55 separates this neighborhood from the 2 strip Malls on the other side (aka what is called by the city "downtown"). A possibility of a "maybe" bus stop is not going to bring more business to the "downtown". As Golden Valley does not have a historical downtown like Hopkins, Anoka, etc.

This neighborhood already see's increased traffic during Soccer, Softball, and Brookview events (music in the park, Run the Valley, Ice Cream Social, Gay Pride) that would not have been considered in the study.

Tina Prokosch (Golden Valley, 2023-02-20)


I am opposed to the city rezoning this property.

Mark Boemer (Golden Valley, 2023-02-20)


I travel that way almost day. The added traffic would be detrimental. I also walk that way, the safety of the walkers would be a concern. The atmosphere of the neighborhood is not condusive to this type of housing. I live near Lion's Park, it is not capable of managing such an influx of residents.

Rebecca Bell (Golden Valley, 2023-02-20)


safety and traffic, poor fit

Debbie Wolfe (Golden Valley, 2023-02-20)


I reject rezoning R1 to R3 in a neighbood of single family homes, new developments encouraged by previous rezoning, and R2 neighbors. I support R2 zoning so we can finally put this behind the neighboorhood and allow small redevelpment similar to the Rhode Island housing to occur vs. a 4-5 story building.

Erik Pederson (Golden valley, 2023-02-20)


My family and I regularly use this park and access it by foot and bicycle. Changing the zoning will negatively impact our safety and that of our neighborhood. There is already enough traffic in this area and that's before we take into account special activities and events at the park which are great for the neighborhood, but do generate more foot and vehicular traffic already. Speeding and traffic infractions are already an issue and we already lack the resources to address those, so adding to the problem by changing the zoning of this area is irresponsible to say the least.

Esther Villeneuve (Golden Valley, 2023-02-20)


We lived on Risgeway Road for 36 years, love the neighborhood snd feel building multi-.tenant housing will be detrimental in many ways & add too much traffic to the residential area.

Morissa Lavintman (St. Louis Park, 2023-02-20)


This will add significant traffic to an area meant for people enjoying the park and kids playing. In addition, an apartment complex is not a good fit for this neighborhood.

Andrea Golden Fineblum (Golden Valley, 2023-02-20)


I don't want the zoning change.

Jessica Subert (Golden Valley , 2023-02-20)


I'm signing to preserve the community neighborhood and environment.

Dave Heighington (Golden Valley, 2023-02-20)


This development is NOT a good fit for this area for many reasons.

Mary Jo Peterson (Golden Valley, 2023-02-20)


I am VERY CONCERNED about the traffic this will result in on our family filled street, it’s already bad and I have asked the police on a couple occasions to monitor speed (which was poorly addressed) on Harold. We have kids, all our neighbors have young kids and dogs that have to cross the street to access the park. Additional traffic will only be exacerbate the issue plus increase traffic. Additionally I am concerned about the population density and potential for public nuance.

Josh Tomashek (Golden Valley , 2023-02-21)


I live on Harold Ave with 2 soon to be 3 little kids. We already have to take precautions by using a gate across our driveway at evening rush hour time due to traffic and cars going nearly 50 mph on our road. This proposal will impact our road in a negative way. I strongly oppose this this proposal

Jenikka Soyring/Tomashek (Golden Valley , 2023-02-21)


I agree 100%. It is so disappointing that this keeps being brought up and that the city doesn’t listen to the community on this.

Adam Peterson (Golden Valley, 2023-02-21)


I have been a resident of Golden Valley for 35 years, and was fortunate to move to this gem of a neighborhood 8 years ago. I would hope that the Planning Commission and the City Council would be more respectful of the concerns and wishes of the citizens that live here. I stand in solidarity with my neighbors opposing the rezoning efforts to R-3.

Deborah Stone (Golden Valley, 2023-02-21)


I live in this neighborhood and I'm already concerned with the traffic at 55 and Winnetka and more specifically the safety of pedestrians at that very intersection which has become intolerable!

Marie Mathay (Golden Valley, 2023-02-21)


I’m signing because of all the reasons mentioned in this petition with emphasis on the traffic problem and environmental issues. Crossing Winnetka from Harold Avenue to Brookview Park can be very difficult. Increasing traffic in this area will make it even more dangerous.

Beverly Weinberg (Golden Valley , 2023-02-21)


I am opposed to multi-story building due to increased traffic and related safety concerns.

Laura Lazowski (GOLDEN VALLEY, 2023-02-21)


We don't need another apartment complex in Golden Valley. City will be unable to manage traffic and safety at Harold /Winnetka intersection. Consider GV Police Department staffing disaster. REJECT THIS PROPOSAL AGAIN!

Yury Millman (Golden Valley, 2023-02-21)


I value the ability to walk to Brookview without dealing with business traffic/drivers in the neighborhood. It can be challenging to cross currently. If the amount of cars, and the type of traffic is increased/changed this would likely become much harder. It has been shown that people are happy to live in residential houses in this area. There is no need to change this area to medium density residential area. If done, this could result with many additional problems to our neighborhood and few benefits. Please do not change the zoning in this area to R3. Thank you.

Tracy Lowmanstone (Golden Valley, 2023-02-22)


I agree with everything on this petition and believe this would have a horrible impact on Brookview park.

Curtis Smith (Golden Valley, 2023-02-22)


This will significant traffic to an already heavy area near children.

Joshua Fineblum (Golden Valley, 2023-02-22)


I am concerned about the traffic and safety on Harold Ave that would occur as a result of this rezoning.

Jason O'Shea (Golden Valley, 2023-02-22)


I totally disagree with the traffic study that claims traffic will not be a problem. It already is a problem. Add that new traffic will not be able go south bound from Winnetka without using Harold Ave. I have done over 175 fast food restaurant real estate deals over the past 40 years and each one of them included a traffic study. For some outside consultant to say traffic will not be a problem is pure BS. I would be willing to sit down and discuss this with the consultant that claims there is no problem. There are several problems relating to traffic.

John Gannon (golden valley MN, 2023-02-23)


I agree with the reasons stated above.

Joe Swanson (Golden Valley, 2023-02-23)


I live in golden valley and do not want rezoning of single family homes to high density apartments. I don’t want buildings disrupting the skyline here either. Also, let’s not take away more green space, there are so many empty buildings to use. I also don’t want more traffic or higher taxes.

Kelly Deutsch (Golden valley , 2023-02-23)


I am a resident in the area near the proposed development and strongly disapprove of the multi story building. It detracts from the community by increasing traffic, impacting recreation nearby and it’s not to scale with the neighborhood.

Lisa Nanne (Golden Valley , 2023-02-23)


Please reject this proposal. It would not fit with the neighborhood, make it more dangerous for pedestrians, decrease surrounding residential property values, and permanently destroy the beautiful trees and greenspace in the area.

The neighborhood and the residents that this would directly impact area are clearly opposed, as evidenced by this petition, the previous petition from 2020, and the overwhelming majority of disapproving comments during the public comments portion of the GV Planning Commission meeting on 2/13.

Please reject and stop proposing this. R2 rezoning would be consistent with the current neighborhood and encourage development without destroying the things that make people love this neighborhood.

Brian Li (Golden Valley, 2023-02-23)


I don’t think the roads there can handle more traffic than they already have. It’s also degrading a nice old area of Golden Valley.

Winston Peterson (Golden valley , 2023-02-24)


I live across the street from the proposed zoning and do not approve.

Jason Stevens (Golden Valley, 2023-02-24)


I am opposed to any efforts to remove single family homes in favor of multiple family dwellings. GV is a community of homes; no more apartments. More pride and care/concern for community when residents ate owner occupied versus renters.

Jeff Sorheim (Golden Valley , 2023-02-24)


Golden Valley is being destroyed by out-of-area developers. The city just wants more revenue from more people. This has to stop. No high-rise buildings. Time to replace the Golden Valley administration and put an end to this mess

john prusak (Golden Valley, 2023-02-26)


I am voting against and reject and oppose the zoning changes listed herein!

Douglas Johnson (Golden Valley, 2023-02-26)


I oppose the rezoning of said proposal.

Howard Hallin (Golden Valley, 2023-02-26)


This is a totally inappropriate use for this area and will have a huge negative effect on the livability, safety and value of our house on Ridgeway Road. We moved here 42 years ago to escape the high density of Minneapolis and will feel betrayed if you vote to destroy the suburban atmosphere we enjoy.

Curtis McDougall (GOLDEN VALLEY, 2023-02-26)


I grew up on Ridgeway. This plan will negatively impact the entire area from Lions Park to Brookview Park, making everything more congested. Side streets like Harold and Ridgeway will become very dangerous to children and adults alike.

C Jesse (Golden Valley, 2023-02-27)


This debate has been going on since at least 2011 when the community voiced opposition. Slosburg Inc has owned 7732 Harold since 2003 in expectation R3 development. Slosburg Inc has allowed the property to become an eyesore. What can we expect more from a Slosburg development? Golden Valley needs to promote home ownership vs. rent controlled corporate ownership. In addition, traffic at Harold and Winnetka is congested today as highlighted by the recent pedestrian traffic sign installed. It would likely require a 4-way traffic light to support increased traffic and pedestrian safety. With close proximity Hwy 55 interchange, this would become a traffic nightmare and would put park visitors and pedestrians at risk. Harold
eastbound would see significant traffic to avoid the congestion at Winnetka. I support R1/R2 to allow the current and future homeowners to maintain and join the neighborhood.

Dale Berg (Golden Valley, 2023-02-27)


I live in this area and the additional traffic puts my children’s safety at risk. It is difficult enough to turn on to Winnetka Ave from Harold Ave safely, but especially during rush hour and inclement weather — the cars are frequently backed up at the light! The same goes for Glenwood and Harold turning on to Hwy 55, especially when Meadowbrook school is finished. Adding to the amount of people of cars will only make this worse and we don’t have the infrastructure to support it.

Amy Smith (Golden+Valley, 2023-02-27)


This rezoning proposal is simply not suitable for this neighborhood. There are other, better solutions available.

Christopher Robinson (Golden Valley, 2023-02-27)


R3 is unsupportable. R2 is fine.

Katie Pederson (Golden Valley, 2023-02-27)


I do not support the rezoning of this area to the determent it would cause to the neighborhood.

Zach Norling (Golden Valley , 2023-02-27)


I'm concerned about the impact of R3 multiunit housing on the safety of the Brookview & Lions Park neighborhood. I'm a parent of 2 young boys that spend a lot of time outdoors at both Brookview and Lions' park and ride their bikes between both. R2 seems much safer / viable.

Andrew Laing (Golden Valley, 2023-02-27)


Increased traffic on Harold and the general area would be a huge safety concern (people already drive too fast, parked on the street providing poor visibility, tournaments at Lions Park ETC). In addition, (I work in new construction real estate) it would be a poor fit due to the high desire for families wanting to buy or build near the parks and other attractions. Large, beautiful lots, good school district and great proximity to name just a few. This needs to stay zoned R-1 to protect investments and safety. We strongly oppose a change in zoning. Thank you

John Arnold (Golden Valley , 2023-02-27)


I live in the area and have concerns.

Kevin Glaeseman (Golden Valley , 2023-02-27)


The streets and businesses in that area cannot handle the traffic.

Julie Jonas (Golden Valley, 2023-02-28)


Golden Valley residents don’t want increased density in their neighborhood. We’ve told the city this loud and clear on this exact type of project before. Traffic, cut through traffic, speeding, ignoring stop signs, reckless driving near children and walkers are all major concerns. We also like our trees and green space, and clean parks. Listen carefully: We don’t want this in our neighborhood.

Steve Rozek (Golden Valley , 2023-02-28)


I’m signing because I’m concerned with over development & safety issue for increased traffic & density in areas that were not made for it.

Carla Perrier (Golden Valley, 2023-02-28)


My house at 411 Rhode Island Av N, Golden Valley will be directly impacted. I bought this property because of the single family nature of the neighborhood and the green space and privacy. I am a senior citizen and I plan on spending my final years at this property with peace and quiet.

Mustafa Siddiqui (Golden Valley, 2023-02-28)


I would love to see Golden Valley have a to scale and livable downtown not unlike Robbinsdale or Hopkins. What Golden Valley has is shameful. I only go to Ace Hardware, there is nothing else I want except maybe lunch at Doolittle's.

Stephen Dent (GOLDEN VALLEY, 2023-02-28)


I am signing because it will increase traffic in an already too busy area. Removing a whole neighborhood for an apt bldg makes no sense.

Ruth Sleavin (Plymouth, 2023-02-28)


This development would hurt any reasonable traffic flow. Bad for neighborhood.

Shirley Jones (Golden Valley, 2023-02-28)


I am greatly opposed to this proposal as I live on Harold and have experienced first hand the current traffic levels including commuters and residents that speed through our residential street like it's part of 55.

Tammy Sorheim (Golden Valley , 2023-02-28)


Developers want to develope. It's what they do. Not always with the general good in mind nor the consequences both aesthetic and ecologically. I do not want to hear 'its within code' code is often manipulated or even set aside by variances and 'good will'.
BS! We have more traffic than ever. More noise than ever. More poor air quality than ever while contractors/ developers stand there with a hand full of gimme and a mouth full of much obliged. More medium/high density housing is NOT better. Thank you

Harry Brady (Golden Valley, 2023-03-01)


Busy intersection already can’t handle additional traffic

Diane Golden (Golden Valley , 2023-03-01)


I believe R3 zoning change would negatively impact the safety, greenspace and character of the neighborhood.

Aaron Matuseski (Golden Valley, 2023-03-01)


I prefer it as it is.

Joel Lavintman (Golden Valley, 2023-03-01)


The rezoning of that land is bad for the community.

Stephen Harris (Golden valley, 2023-03-01)


I agree with and support all of the argument points of this petition.

DeAnn Meulpolder (Minneapolis, 2023-03-01)


The neighborhood is just not suited to what they are trying to jam down our throats

Lester Heller (Minneapolis, 2023-03-01)


We need to keep neighborhoods single family and not put huge buildings next to other homes

Aaron Huppert (Golden Valley, MN, 2023-03-02)


I oppose such rezoning. I am a neighbor.

Dave Slattery (Golden Valley, 2023-03-02)


We have lived near Lions Park for 17 years. This is the third time we have gone through this. Our streets and neighborhood are designed for single family homes only. We want to keep it that way.

Jane Berg (Golden Valley , 2023-03-03)


Rezoning will increase traffic, lower safety, and ruin the neighborhood character!!

Justine Pica (Golden Valley, 2023-03-04)


I absolutely agree with this petition. This zoning proposal is not a fit for our neighborhood!

Amanda Sharp (Golden Valley, 2023-03-06)


I do not want the apartment on Harold and winnetka near highway 55 for the 2040 Comperehensive plan

Rob Alber (Golden Valley, 2023-03-08)


I don't want this to happen

Stacie Bistodeau (Golden Valley , 2023-03-08)


I am signing because I have visited 1-3 story commercial buildings and health care centers which have been situated in/near residential neighborhoods. There is a pattern of inadequate parking for building residents or users, forcing high volume of cars on street parking and overall congestion. This only worsens with snow or any inclement weather.

Colleen Michals (Golden+Valley, 2023-03-09)


I am opposed to the rezoning ofHarold and Winnetka.

A.J. Mitchell (Golden+Valley, 2023-03-10)

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