Support BellyDawgs at Menards



It would be amazing to have him in Mernards. I was excited to get the blt dog opening week but couldn’t :( Aaron cares/ loves what he does and you can see it through his food.

Bee Von Buelow (Dyer, 2023-05-25)


Support small business and delicious dawgs!

Cameron Petersen (Schererville, 2023-05-25)


I am a former long-time resident of Schererville and have known Aaron Earing and his family for over twenty years. Aaron is a stand-up businessman. I love seeing people who work full-time jobs and want to bring in additional streams of income the right way. Please issue a variable town permit. to him.

Anne-Marie Prince (Valparaiso, 2023-05-25)


It's hard enough to start a business, let the guy sell hotdogs.

Michael Danielczyk (Hammond, 2023-05-25)


We need to support small businesses 👍🏼

Rachael Johnston (Crown Point, 2023-05-25)


He has an honest business and should be able to stay there . Plus he’s selling delicious food

Nicunurse Garza (Whiting , 2023-05-25)


systemic oppression of DBE & MBE owners

Joshua Chism (Crown Point, 2023-05-25)


Support small businesses

Jonathan Botkin (Dyer, 2023-05-25)


I am signing because I would like to see more small business owners flourish in our community.

Natasha Massie (Saint John , 2023-05-25)


I support small business. I support residents doing what they can to make this area a better place to live. I also simply want something good to eat during my many Menards trips over the summer.

Andrew ZILZ (Crown point , 2023-05-25)


Because it is unfair that Home Depot can have a food service in there building!

Kandace Rocha (St. John , 2023-05-25)


This is b.s. he went through all the proper channels he could and now instead of helping a small business owner fix the problem your shutting him down.

Brian Sherwood (Lowell, 2023-05-25)


Bellydawgs should be allowed to operate in front of menards

Monica Trejo (Valparaiso , 2023-05-25)


Aaron is a wonderful person with an awesome business! He's worked super hard to have this opportunity. Please consider ❤️

Lauren Nuzzo (Crown Point, 2023-05-25)


I support bellydawgs!!!

Rebecca Klyzub (Crown Point, 2023-05-25)


He has put in such hard work and deserves this and much more!

Jesse Laughlin (Portage, 2023-05-25)


He deserves it

Nolan Rogers (Crown point , 2023-05-25)


Everyone deserves the right to work and make money… especially a small business!

Nicholas Gonzalez (Lowell, 2023-05-25)


So bellydawgs can continue to operate at Menards!

Jasmina Jevdosic (Crown Point, 2023-05-25)


I’m signing because Schererville would be a better place for workers to grab a quick lunch at menards, with some great dawgs and other food items. It’s a shame that a great town like Schererville won’t allow a great food truck to operate outside of another great local business.

Austin Howard (Crown Point, 2023-05-25)


This is a great business, and if there’s a contract signed by you guys, then there’s no reason for the hassle. Let this man grow!

Andre Holloway (Merrillville , 2023-05-25)


Support small business!

Case Veach (Crown Point, 2023-05-25)


BellyDawgs has been providing delicious food to the residents of NWI for the past few years. They should have the opportunity to continue to do so at Menards Schererville as they have many loyal customers, including myself.

Felicia Barajas (Schererville , 2023-05-25)


Aaron has worked EXTREMELY hard for this business! The people in the region absolutely love his food and respect his hard work!

Jada Fleming (Tolleson, 2023-05-25)


he has an amazing business and we need more people like him following, chasing and achieving their dreams!

Kevin Clark (Chipley, 2023-05-25)


I support belly dog and all their Enterprises

Kendal Rusin (Gary , 2023-05-25)


I’ve been a huge supporter of Aaron and Belly Dawgs! Let’s make this dream continue!

James Montella (Cedar Lake, 2023-05-25)


Bellydawgs is an amazing humble small business it is a shame our own town first support uplifting small business owners. I hope they can see the value in providing this permit to not only the customers of BellyDawgs but the community.

David Makowski (Cedar Lake, 2023-05-25)


I support small business owners and people with big dreams.

Michelle Smolen (Dyer, 2023-05-25)


I believe in this small business and believe they’re being discriminated against.

Marisa Winslow (Crown Point, 2023-05-25)


Support Bellydawgs !

Bethany Nicole (Dyer, 2023-05-25)


Let small business have a piece too...

Michael Rendak (Schererville , 2023-05-25)


I love a good BellyDawg when I’m appliance shopping

Colton Case (Griffith, 2023-05-25)


I support local business.

Sawyer Fridel (Schererville, 2023-05-25)


His business deserves to thrive, he sign a legal contract with menards and the town of schererville is ruining his business. Stopping funds that he could be making and instead of stopping him due to code violations walk him through the process so he CAN continue

Krystal Nigro (Schererville , 2023-05-25)


I’m signing because I believe in this business and all the benefits the local area could have from it.

Trent Stemp (Lowell, 2023-05-25)


This is a legit business. Trying to share their tasty dogs to with the world. They deserve to be able to run their business

Tocarra T Reeves (Gary, 2023-05-25)


We need hot dogs.

Melissa Lynn Schram (Crown Point, 2023-05-25)


They make great food and so nice to chat with!

Olivi Hein (Cedar Lake, 2023-05-25)


The man just wants to work hard to pay his bills and he has a contract

Momo Ali (Dyer, 2023-05-25)


Aaron has worked hard to get where he is and the world needs his dawgs!

Rebecca Case (Griffith, 2023-05-25)


There is a contract.
I don't believe Schererrville when Menards has had other vendors there. Something isn't right.

Letitia Makowski (Hammond, 2023-05-25)


He deserves this! Great guy and he’s doing what he loves

Taylor Jackson (Griffith, 2023-05-25)


I support local business and want to see Aaron Earving succeed

Tyler zuccarelli (Schererville, 2023-05-25)


Supporting a good guy and his business.

Vincent Mendez (Dyer, 2023-05-25)


They have a signed contract with Menards. He should be allowed to have his food stand up here. Aaron has been a dear friend of mine for many years. He deserves this opportunity. Support his small business!

Katie McQuillen (Schererville, 2023-05-25)


Schererville needs to be kinder to small businesses and have a bigger open mind. Let the guy sell hotdogs. Also, you should improve your codes for a roofing. Shame on you. You have that trashpit “up your alley”, but you won’t let this guy sell his amazing hotdogs. What are you guys smoking?

Giovionni Braviere (Schererville , 2023-05-25)


Upstanding business and upstanding business man. Support local business and allow him the opportunity serve our community.

Kirsten Goodwin (Highland , 2023-05-25)


Small businesses that provide a good product deserve a chance!

Hillary Campbell (Dyer, 2023-05-25)


Supporting small businesses is what we need to do for our community!

Jessica Smith (Griffith, 2023-05-25)


To support a locally small business owner

Sam Hammer (Lowell, 2023-05-25)


I think Belly Dawgs should have the right to operate their business at Menards. Please end this unfair practice of denying them to operate

Bob Eghbali (Chesterton , 2023-05-25)


I want to save this business. Their food is great

Katrina Ricciardi (Schererville, 2023-05-25)


Aaron is a hard working entrepreneur/small business owner and he deserves his work to be seen and shared.

Melissa Alberico (Crown Point , 2023-05-25)


We need to stop being “Karens” and let people be 😅 let this dude run his kick butt business!

Angie Zito (Saint John, 2023-05-25)


This is a legitimate business. Ive eaten a hot dog coming out of Menards for years. Now that a black man is serving them. Its not allowed??

Eric Turman (Schererville, 2023-05-25)


This is an incredible business. The owner is hospitable and the food is amazing. If Menards says it’s okay, let it be okay. This is the only reason why I even come through schereville I live in cedar lake and travel in Illinois. The only thing I come into schereville for is this hot dog spot.

Nichole Barker (Cedar Lake, 2023-05-25)


Small businesses should be allowed to thrive when they are not breaking law or disturbing the community. This business has a contract with Menards to conduct their business in Menards property, therefore there should be no issue. They offer a much needed service to those who work at Menards offering a hot meal for lunch when they otherwise would not be afforded the opportunity.

Alana Prieto (Hodgkins, 2023-05-25)


BellyDawgs is an amazing vendor

Allie Grimler (Dyer, 2023-05-25)


Because I love hot dogs!
And because there’s always a hot dog cart outside the hardware store… that’s really why people go!
And because this dude is trying to make it with his hot dog cart and deserves the gig! #BellyDawgs
🌭 🌭 🌭 🌭 🌭

Tracy Mak (Saint John, 2023-05-25)


Everyone should have an opportunity to earn a living.

Jason Visi (Crown Point, 2023-05-25)


This is a small business that needs supporting, not demanded to disregard contract with a business due to a “town” code. It is a business to business agreement!

Shianna Clark (Dyer, 2023-05-25)


Supporting a local business, let there be belly dawgs!

Adam Moskalick (Highland, 2023-05-25)


I would love to have a hot dog stand at menards!!

Ken Kiser (Highland, 2023-05-25)


I support Aaron and his desire to operate his own business.

Ryan Voss (Crown Point, 2023-05-25)


I believe this should be here.

Lauren Bertossi (Crown point , 2023-05-25)


I'm signing because Aaron deserves to run his business

Elaina Lucido (Columbus, 2023-05-25)


I support this business!

Jeremiah Montgomery (Portage , 2023-05-25)


I support

Lindsey Tadros (Crown point, 2023-05-25)


Home Depot has hot dogs... why can't Menards have BellyDawgs 😂

Ashley Bolich (Saint John , 2023-05-25)


Let Aaron operate his business!!! Keep up the great job

Lauren Smith (Camanche, 2023-05-25)


Belly dawgs has a contract with Menards, Menards says it’s ok, there is no need for the town to stick their nose in the business if there is no issue

Alexis Greenwood (Highland , 2023-05-25)


I support Aaron and his small business.

Ashley Bryson (Naperville , 2023-05-25)


We love having BellyDawgs at Menards!

Samantha Sinise (Schererville, 2023-05-25)


He has a contract with Menards

Milos Paravinja (St. John , 2023-05-25)


This man makes a mean dawg.

Jason Urbanczyk (Hobart, 2023-05-26)

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