Silence Gives Consent

Dear AAPA,

On October 7, 2023, Hamas, designated in 1997 by the US State department as a foreign terrorist organization, attacked our brothers and sisters in Israel, initiating a war with gruesome acts of violence by Hamas. The bludgeoning and brutality began at a peaceful civilian Reim music festival and continued with the torture, rape and murder of unarmed civilians in their homes. Hamas beheaded babies in their cribs, raped women and children and burned many people alive. Innocent civilians who were not murdered were captured and are being held hostage. Murdered Israeli bodies were mutilated and dismembered.

As confirmed by Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken, “Babies slaughtered. Bodies desecrated. Young people burned alive. Women raped. Parents executed in front of their children, children in front of their parents.”

Many of us have family members or friends who were killed only for being Jewish civilians. The majority of us have family members and friends in Israel, where thousands of rockets bombarded civilian, densely populated areas and continue to do so as of writing this letter. Some of us were actually in Israel at the time of the attack, celebrating the Jewish holiday in the Holy Land.

As Hamas’s charter makes clear, this attack on Israel is a genocidal attack on all Jewish people, independent of land, country or citizenship. This is Antisemitism! Hate! Racism!

In his speech to the American public, President Biden said, “Hamas and Putin represent different threats, but they share this in common: They both want to completely annihilate a neighboring democracy — completely annihilate it.”

Unfortunately, here in the US, we feel it as well. On October 11, 2023, Reuters reported, “A former head of the terror group Hamas had designated Friday, October 13, as the ‘Day of Jihad,’ calling on Muslims to take to the streets and deliver a message of anger.” Rallies all over the world, including in the US, are supporting and stoking even more antisemitism, condoning the massacre of 1400 Israelis.

There are police cars stationed in front of our synagogues and schools because of credible threats of violence. It is not safe for Jews here in the United States, borne out by hate crimes against Jews that dwarf hate crimes against any other religion by a huge margin!
Our children do not feel safe here in the United States. Jewish students do not feel safe on many college campuses
Unfortunately, antisemitism, hate, bigotry, and racism are cloaked in the guise of Free Palestine.

Let us remember. Hamas is a U.S. designated terrorist organization. DEI commissions across colleges are supporting Hamas’s atrocities and the genocide of Jews in the name of freeing Palestine.
Is that the position of the AAPA?
As Physician Associates, we do not condone civilians being raped, tortured, or murdered. We demand that all hostages be released at once.
We request that the AAPA release a statement denouncing these horrific terrorist crimes.
One of Plato’s most famous quotes is “Silence gives consent.” This quote reflects his belief that failing to speak out against injustice is tantamount to condoning it. Plato believed that individuals have a moral obligation to speak out against injustice and to work to make society a more just and equitable place. How much more so for such an influential group as the AAPA?
On June 5, 2020 the AAPA released an anti racism Article titled “AAPA Supports the Black Community and Pledges to Combat Racism”. The AAPA released statements for the LGBTQ+ community in the past, including July 1, 2020 “Reflecting on Pride Month 2020” taking a stance against injustice, racism and hate.
What about speaking up against antisemitism?
Not releasing a statement is wrong.
It could be interpreted as an act of tacit agreement of terrorist behavior against Jews and Israelis by showing that antisemitism and hate are not clearly rejected by the AAPA.
Many Jewish members of AAPA and JAPA (Jewish Association of Physician Associates) feel forsaken by the AAPA despite numerous requests for you to do the right thing.
Please show your support with a statement rejecting terror against Israeli civilians and antisemitism in the United States.

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