Skatepark in Schaerbeek

Schaerbeek is one of the largest municipalities in Belgium (127.000 inhabitants) but still does not have a skatepark. This is surprising given that smaller municipalities such as Kraainem (13.000 inhabitants), Evere (37.000 inhabitants), Woluwe-Saint-Lambert (51.000 inhabitants) and Grimbergen (35.000 inhabitants) have one. In addition, Schaerbeek is the municipality with the highest proportion of youth and in particular skaters.



We therefore propose to build a skatepark in the centre of Schaerbeek. The town has many appropriate places for a skatepark. For example, between Boulevard Lambermont and Crossing stadium, Square Terdelt and Rue de Jerusalem in front of the Neptunium swimming pool.


Why a skatepark ?

In a highly urbanised area, young people need an unorganised outdoor sport where they can share their passion. Skateboard, roller skate and scooter step, very popular among young poeple, provide an answer to this need.

This sport doesn't require any organisation since the skater community is rather peaceful.



We ask the mayor of Schaerbeek, Bernard Clerfayt and Alderman of sport, Sait Köse, to launch a study to determine the best location for a skatepark. The signatories of the petition ask to be involved in this study.

See Facebook group for more info.