Petition to support the funding of public skate park

Ladies and gentlemen,

  We, the undersigned citizens of Republic of Bulgaria, young people of Sofia and the skateboarding community of the city, are calling Sofia Municipality to provide us with the opportunity to realize our dream to skate and exercise throughout the whole year in public indoor skate park in the city of Sofia.

  The benefits of the implementation of this project are significant, because the practice of this sport allows a wide range of participation - you do not need special training.

  We believe that Sofia Municipality can provide funds from real estate, suitable land or site and as well help finance the necessary facilities, proving their care and commitment to ensure a healthy and fulfilling life of young people in our city.

  The benefits from the implementation of such a project, as well as supporting the development of skateboard culture in Bulgaria as a whole would be:

• Development of youth and sport in the a direction which is being practiced in most modern European cities. Bulgaria has a similar basis in Varna, Dobrich and Burgas.




(Skate park project for Burgas)


(Independent project in Varna)

• Significant growth in tourism through the country not only from skateboarding enthusiasts from all over the world, but also by the people who are part of the so-called street culture.

• The development of the skateboarding culture (and the street culture as a whole) in Bulgaria could turn it into one of the top destinations for people from all over the world who are part of this environment. Much of the tourism Barcelona is precisely related to skateboarding as they call the city skate European capital so as Redbull Bulgaria-called "European skate paradise": And the most famous skateboarding magazine in the US / and in the world  / Thrasher Magazine: "The best place to skate in the world."

• Building a safe environment for both skateboarders and the ones around us.

• A place where children and adults can train and develop, regardless of which extreme sport they practice and regardless of the season or weather.\


We are confident and we are determined to defend our right to choose a way of life and activity, consistent with the right to live a full and purposeful as all young people belonging to our modern civilization culture prosperous part of the world.

We assure you that we will be consistent and insistent our demands to be implemented by the Municipality of Sofia, supported by our supporters and sponsors.



P.S. With your support and our efforts, we can delight many young people both in the capital and throughout the country.