South Africa 1st Forum - "The kind of South Africa I want"


 "The kind of SA I want."



 Citizens Committed to Positive Social, Economic, and Political Change



I am a committed and patriotic South African,

who is deeply concerned at the direction in which our country is being taken by those in leadership positions. I am committed to our Constitutional vision of the creation of a society based on democratic values, social justice, and equality, in which the divisions of the past are healed, the quality of life of all citizen is improved, and the potential of each person is freed. I remain inspired by our inaugural President, Nelson Mandela, and countless others who established high standards of ethical leadership, morality, and governance.



  I am concerned that the crisis we face has been allowed to spiral out of control. In this regard I am against:

  •  Unethical Leadership
  • The abuse of power for individual, narrow political or crony business
  • Corruption, the destruction of key public institutions, and state capture
  • A dysfunctional parliament unable to exercise oversight over the Executive
  • Anti-constitutionalism and attacks on the Judiciary and institutions of the state supporting democracy



I wish to stand FOR rather than AGAINST something in our country, and thus call for:

  •  Supremacy of the Constitution and the Rule of Law
  • Democratic values, including Accountability, Responsiveness and Openness Good and Responsible Governance
  • A society that values democracy, critical intellectual discourse,
  • respects the rights of people to free political party expression without vilification and, respects the rule of law and the Constitution.
  • Renewed efforts to build a united South African nation that buries racism and brings together our diverse roots while celebrating the ties that bind us
  • Inclusive economic growth that fosters poverty eradication; reduces Inequality AND respects our planet.
  • Electoral Reform to ensure greater accountability and a review of the powers of the President and the Executive


  I therefore wish:

“To live in a South Africa where we live in harmony as a nation enhanced by our diversity and where we all have the opportunity and right to have a better life for ourselves and our children; where we are governed by a Constitution and served by men and women of integrity who are in public office to serve all our communities without fear or favour; and where public representatives found to be dishonourable and corrupt in the execution of their duties get summarily dismissed or made to resign from their positions."