It was sad to hear our President in S.A. Jacob Zuma mention that he is pro-palestine, that he will stand with Palestine at the UN meeting, in agreement to the division of land (1967 borders)Israel. What do we look like to the world, or should I refraise that, how do we look like to God. Christians we need to lift our voices and make him realise that not all South Africans are for dividing Israel and the Christians in the Country are not divided on that point. We stand with Israel because every Christians needs to visit Israel and if handed over to the Muslim world we will not be free to go into any area as we are at the moment. The mosque which stands where the Temple used to stand is prohibited by Jew and Christians. If you look at Muslim lands they are not in favour of Christians being able to speak about Jesus, neither do they like Jews. They will make as if they are for you and are your friend, but when it becomes a Muslim state you will loose all your rights are the muslim faith believes only the God of Allah. They do not compromise. It is time that Christians realise what is taking place in our Country. Where have you seen a Christian Country compromising. Other Countries tried to be polite, not to cause war, but look at Nigeria. That is a good example, where there is a muslim faith their is inevitably war as they believe that we are infediles. I do not hate the muslims. Jesus hates the sin of man, but loves the sinner. The one night God spoke to me and said Esther, tell the Christians that this land is not for sale. What does that mean? It means that this is a Christian Country and will remain a Christian Country if we stand together. If our President is publically anouncing that he is for the Muslim faith more then the Christian & Jew by not respecting the very word that God wrote (Do not come against Israel) (God is going to return to israel and not Pakistan, Iran, Irak etc,) what is going to happen to our Country if we do not defend our faith in Christ. The bible says; Those that come against Zion (Israel) the apple of His eye, He will come against them. If we do not say anything to let the President know then it is just the same as agreeing with him. We do not agree to what he stands for, it is not biblical. This is not about apartheid. South Africa is not Israel. South Africa's apartheid was about colour. Israel is not about colour. Israel has had a disagreement from the time that Isaac and Ismael were born.

The palestinians (muslims/Islamists)know exactly what is taking place and it is easy for those that are non believers in any religion to just fall into the trap of Apartheid. The muslims want Israel all for themselves, that is the one brother. He wants his inheritance. Get to know the bible President Zuma and all that do not know the times that we are in. It is war time, Jew and Christian ultimately at stake as the Muslims want to silence the voice of Jesus Christ. Israel is just defending its borders and just like our Country, many people from outside have come in, many jobs are taken over by those from Pakistan, India, many muslim Countries are taking up positions in our land because they need the population growth to take over a Country and to implement slowly, very secretly the muslim faith so that this Country can change to a Muslim state. It is no different to what has happened in Israel, if you  look at our Hospitals, schools,government, politicians etc. If we stand up against the muslims in the future, we are also going to look like Israel, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt etc. There are many examples of when Christians stand up against the muslim faith, normally its too late and the Muslims know it as they infultrate very discreatly. Changing the laws first of a Country. Most Jews and Christian is going to be seen as the bad ones in the future as that is how the bible explains everything for us. Those that are for the Son of God are the Body of Christ, those that are against the Son of God are the ant-Christ. If you look around you, you can see that there is a plan already in place for South Africa to become a muslim Country and Christians are fast asleep. Are we going to lift our voices or be silent? What are you going to do? Will you let the President's office know by phoning in and letting them know that we do not agree with the Presidents view point on Palestine representing S.A. at the UN as a pro-Palestine state. Israel is not for sale either. That land belongs to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob not Ismael. Be bold with me let your voices be heard. WE DO NOT AGREE TO THE LAND BEING DIVIDED.