Southville City residential and commercial owners call for EGM

The owner of the aforesaid properties would like to object the unileteral decision of MO to collect LPI based on the following reason:

1. 1st AGM dated Setp 2019 mentioned that MO will start collecting LPI only after settling all the ambiguities and outstanding in the mangement account. It is NOT legal for MO to collect LPI starting from April 2021 without settling all the account issues.

2. The owner never agreed on the Maintenance Fee in the 1st AGM. It has a big gap between the advertised rate and (RM0.12 psf for commercial and RM0.20 psf for residential) compared to what had been charged. The MO said that this was due to the conversion betwee psf to SU (Shared Unit). MO agreed to reveal the formula on how to convert psf to SU, but failed to do so despite numerous writtened request from the owners.

3. There is no representitive from commercial owners in the JMC

We (the owners) hereby request the MO and JMC to call for an EGM immediately to resolve all issues (not limited to) mentioned above with uttermost emergency priority!

Kindly state your Unit Number and Nick Name when sign this petition. (Example: A1-G-09 Kwan)

Supplementary documents:

Sales brochure

1st AGM minutes (2019 sept)

Letter from Owners:

1st letter to MO

2nd letter to MO

3rd letter to MO

Official reply from MO

1st MO reply

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