Speeding fine adjustment petition for Serengeti Golf Estate

Dear Serengeti Residents,   

The recent implementation of speeding fines has raised a number of questions as to the legal and ethical nature of this implementation.

As a result, we, the residents, would like to request that the following standards be implemented:

  1.  A warning letter should be sent to the homeowners before the first speeding or traffic enforcement fine can be issued. 
  2. A 10% speed leniency to be instated.
  3. Whilst we can understand why the SPOA would like to make us liable for guest and contractor speeding or traffic fines,  this is not reasonable or fair to expect homeowners to take responsibility for others driving abilities. This is especially true with regard to delivery vehicles. One delivery vehicle can use a residents pin to enter the estate and then perform multiple deliveries in the estate. Any resultant fines are then payable by the homeowner who was kind enough to extend a pin to the driver. The homeowner does not have the driver's contact details and cannot advise them of the severity of not adhering to the rules. Our suggestions here are as follows:
    • Fines are added to the homeowner's statement for only the vehicles registered (golf carts included) to the homeowner's property.
    • Spot fines are given to transgressors from outside the estate.
    • The homeowner needs to receive a visible picture (showing the license plate and driver) and proof of the speed driven for every fine received.
    • These fines must be supplied to the homeowner weekly, so they have an opportunity to address these with the relevant party in their household and not incur an unreasonable amount of debt due to late notices. Many families have been affected by Covid and the negative impact it has had on health and the economy, and the SPOA needs to be cognizant of this and provide more frequent notice.
  4. The SPOA takes responsibility that their agents and speed monitoring tool comply with the TCSP Prosecuting Guidelines for Speed Measuring Equipment (SME). Thus, all Speed Monitoring Equipment and operators will be duly accredited as per the guidelines. An accredited laboratory [accredited by the South African National Accreditation Service (SANAS)]- shall calibrate or verify: (i) all speed measuring equipment; (ii) all time or time interval measuring equipment”
  5. The residents would like an explanation of where the fines funds will be used. This should be for the betterment of safety in the estate. Proof that this has been done must be supplied by the end of each year.
  6. We request that the fine amounts be aligned to the AARTO increments taking the 10% speed leniency into consideration. A table of the suggested charges are listed below:Speeding_fine_amount_adjustment1.jpg
  7. Given the above explanations, we request that the SPOA drops all speeding and traffic fines until the end of February or until they can implement the above.   

If you agree with this, please sign the petition. Please don't use the Facebook login as we need to see your stand/unit number.

If there are any alternative suggestions/disagreements with certain requests, kindly include these in the optional section.

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