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Here is a shout-out to all who cares about sports and especially you floorball-fans!

We have been robbed of our position in the highest possible league of ladies Floorball in Sweden (SSL) and now we need your help to right this wrong.

On Friday 20th of March The Swedish Floorball Association decided to end the ongoing  season due to the corona-situation. A good decision.

Due to particulars in the decision it unfortunately comes out unfair and unjust and we will explain why we find it so:

The decision affects the 14 highest leagues in Sweden and infers that the current positions in the different leagues will decide if the teams will move up or down in the coming season. In many leagues teams have even been added since the Swedish Floorball Association considers that to be most fair.

Only one team was moved down and out, without any possible influence on the decision, and that was our team. With six points left to play for and only two points from a secure contract our team was moved out of our current league and put into a lower league. This is, to our knowledge, a unique situation without any precedence in the sports world. It feels like a total mockery.

There is no way anyone can predict the outcome of the league since it has not been finished therefore we find the decision unjust.

Since we were not allowed to influence our position by playing we suggest that the SSL allows more teams to be included next season – like they’ve done in the other floorball leagues, ladies’ and men’s. That is the only just and sportsmanship-like alternative in the current situation.

If you agree, please sign our petition here:

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