Stand Up for Oppressed Americans, COVID Shot Mandate, Illegal!

We aren’t a Fascist dictatorship yet. So we stand against both political sides who have sold out our Country’s founding principles.

We stand united with those illegally being forced to take EUA COVID Shot, (Emergency Use Authorization) which by its own mandate can Not be forced on anyone. But is.

We stand with:
The Pilots, Law Enforcement, Military, Hospital & Healthcare Professionals, School Teachers & every new group these Unconstitutional edicts are brought against.

This EUA COVID shot is neither safe nor effective.

This is a catastrophic overreach of epic proportions since COVID-19 was proven to be treatable using HCQ & Ivermectin etc. by many doctors saving thousands of American patient lives throughout the US. But only through fascist lockdowns, suppression of article, postings, & listings of these successes were then silenced & the shot was enacted.

Many doctors who in the past saw safety measures given with each vaccine, willfully took the shot along with their patients. It was only as time went on. Seeing no safety measures given & tens of thousands of “reported” deaths & life altering health issues did so many doctors stop giving their approval & actually spoke against it. And they were vilified. Shame on those for suppressing the truth.

“We the People”, Stand United with all those groups listed above & any new ones added.

Hear us loud & clear. We will fight for America & our Freedom as Americans! - United, We Sign! 

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