Stocking Hauser Lake with Rainbow Trout again.

This petition is to gather enough support from sportsmen who fish Hauser lake regularly and who are interested in persuading the Idaho Department of Fish and Game to once again start stocking the lake with Rainbows.


Hauser lake was once regularly supplied with rainbows from fish hatcheries and as such provided for a fun and enjoyable family fishery.


At some point, biologists, not the sportsmen and women, decided that the lake was not able to provide enough food for the trout thereby ending the stocking efforts in favor of lakes that supposedly held better food supply.


Our intent is that your signing this petition shows that you are in favor of restocking Hauser lake regularly with trout.  Hauser lake has great access compared to lakes currently being stocked.


By signing this petition you are also in agreement that the Idaho department of Fish and Game should improve on listening to the interests of the people and not just on the opinions of a few out of touch biologists who likely do not even fish.


Thank you.

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