We are living in a very developed society, where we strive to achive equality among citizens and remove all kind of racism. Yet we see that the society indirectly allow a kind of structural rasism or discrimination which we turn a blind eye too! We have to stand up for our right to be united, to be a society which is united against and fights against discrimination!


It is very common among people today that night clubs deny people from coming in, just because of their look (skin)! This is discrimination that we MUST to get rid of!

The clubs easily escapes the laws by telling the guest that his or hers choice of clothes doesn't match with the policy of the club, or that the club is full, or that only guest list is used.

We REQUIRE a law that won't let them continue to escape, but rather every piece of garment that is accepted for the policy MUST be listed somewhere. We know how many people are denied entrance because of similar reasons, while it clearly is just a lie! IF a guest list is used by the club, it MUST be shown somewhere.

Join us to stop this, enter your name and you wil do a change! Do not let the discrimination continue!

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