Stop Animal Abuse in Korea

Open letter to the Korean Government:
We, the undersigned urge you and your government to put an end to the cruelty and suffering of dogs and cats in your country Korea.

We know that all over the country, animals destined for human consumption are maltreated, tortured before they are sold as human food. We do also know by now that in your country animal welfare nil.

In your country Korea the below description is a normal life to millions of dogs and cats:

- First they are catch or stolen, sometimes beaten on the street before  being transported under brutal conditions to the market or farms.

- The farms could whole as many as from 50 to several thousand living dogs and cats.

- The animals were held cramped in rows of tiny wire or bamboo cages.

- When a Korean picks a dog ready for sale, the animal are removed from the cages with metal tongs around the necks and carried by their hinds and legs.

- The slaughtermen  often stun them with repeated blows to the head using clubs, or by swinging them by the hind beating their heads to the ground-

- After five to ten minutes these animals were still breathing, had a heartbeat, and continued moving and blinking.

- The headline should now be: Meat from tortured dogs taste best come and buy!

- The slaughter is saying: enjoy your meal, while we are ready to vomit!

We would like to point out that in a civilized country such as we are sure Korea wants to be known, behavior of its human inhabitants towards its local animals, stray wild or otherwise, it is simply intolerable. If Korea wants to assume its rightful place among the leading nations of the world and do its ancestry proud, pleas ensure through proper legislation and enforcement that all living creatures are to be respected.

Furthermore, since animal welfare is an increasingly popular concept, I would also like to let you know that sooner or later, the national Korean income from tourism will suffer as tourists who have become disgusted with seeing tortured animals stay home and tell relatives, friends and the social internet for a they frequent of what they have seen. Therefore, even economically speaking it would be shortsighted to let this awful situation endure.  Unless of course, you want to be ruled by those monsters who in the backyards abuse, slaughter and sell the poor dogs! It is up to you Sir and Madam in Korea!

Lastly, it is our civil duty to warn you there is a well investigated and published link between animal abuse and for example child molestation, which makes the need for proper legislation and enforcement even more urgent. Consider also the educational effect on a child when it sees adults around the slaughtering animals in a disrespectful and horrific manner. Will that child grow up to respect life itself?  For its fellow Koreans? We fear not!  

The Korean government is much responsible for continuing cruelty to and abuse of Korean animals. As long as the consumption of companion animals continues, so does cruelty to animals. Therefore we urgently and politely request that you initiate legislative action as soon as possible, in the interest of the animals and the Korean population as whole.