Stop animal testing in the UK.

I would like to ban animal testing in the UK, I believe it's time to end their suffering. We are now in the 21st century, is there really any need to be testing on an innocent life? The answer is no. Imagine being locked up in a cage, fed just enough food to keep you alive and you get tested on everyday, so others can see your reaction. This is NOT medical research and it needs to stop NOW! Just because animals can't speak does not mean they don't feel pain, because they do- just like we do! If you ask people why they test on animals they say 'because they are like us', but you ask them why is it okay to test on animals and they say 'because they're not like us'. I am ashamed to live in a society where we are testing on innocent, defensless creatures all for the sake of humanity! One day they world will realise animals are like us and that in reality they are no different from us, so lets stop this cruelty and ban animal testing, because there are alternatives. How many more animals have to suffer for us?