Stop Book Destruction, Preserve Cultural Heritage

I hereby call on everyone to consult themselves.

Our children and offspring benefit from forming their own choices and ideas based on history and social developments. Without value judgments. Norms and values ​​are different from opinions. Opinions should not enforce norms and values. Our books are part of our present, past and future! They give a picture of the time, make people think and take the reader into another world.

At the public library in our hometown in the Netherlands, it is not only the books of Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet that you can no longer borrow. These books are even destroyed !!! Whether this happens in all locations of the libraries and / or whether this is standard policy?

Whether you are for or against Black Pete, no one should approve of this. In this way, we come back to the time of book burning and censorship! Now an idea arises again regarding the books with Jip and Janneke, to remove them from the public library i

Amazement everywhere and black days in our history and cultural heritage.

Let everyone give the opportunity to take in information. Such as the possibility to read / borrow books of your choice. Our culture is a measure of our freedom! Stop the censorship and destruction of this written word.

I hereby ask the members of the Senate and the House of Representatives to distance themselves from this working method and systematically destroy culture and heritage as a representative of the people. In addition, to give our offspring the information and education to be able to be a human being, who can and may think for themselves, and not a brainwashed moving being. You have an important leading role in this!

Furthermore, I ask those who apparently have a different vision of certain matters, not to strive for removal and destruction of these, but then become writing or expressively active themselves in order to profile their current and vision. In this way an addition is made to our society, where our children can choose.

That is freedom!

I would like to call on everyone to support the above and to sign this petition. So that there will be a stop to radical destruction of cultural heritage by a minority opinion.

Thank you for signing and confirming this.

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