Stop Horse Slaughter


Horses do not ask for much in life.  We have the Right to eat food, we have the right to Fresh drinking water, we have the right to Shelter and we also have the right to Medication.  Why can't horses? They can't speak for themselves, you may think horses are just used for their meat, but to Equestrians, they are our best friends, they make us happy, make us a better person.  They can teach as so much that we never thought we could do, if you have never gave them  chance, how will you know what they are like to a person who loves them, an owner who cares for them, has waited a lifetime for a best friend.  And there you are, slaughtering our Best friends and smiling.  I am horrified how you can even call it a " Job", You have made Thousands if not millions of people all around the world ashamed to even be here, because the job you do is unbelievable and all you people belong in the Underworld, known as Hell.  If you were a horse how would you feel? Getting sold to a Harsh, Unknown man, yanking you're head to get you on a Lorry with Hundreds of other horses. Then you travel Thousands of miles with no water nor food, in heat that you can't stand, in metal prisons no bigger than the height of a door, and the length of a single bed.  Then being unloaded into a huge barn with Millions of horses, you re left for a number of days, made a week.  Yet with no food nor water, you can smell fresh blood, then you realise where you are, but you can't do anything about it because you don't have a voice to speak, us humans also have the right to freedom of speech, yet again Why not horses? Please, help the horses who deserve a second chance in life.