Stop Inhumane Pet Store Furever Pets In Tyler

Furever Pets is a for profit pet store located in the Broadway Square (Simon) Mall. They source puppies from inhumane and neglectful environments and do not provide the dogs with adequate water bowls or bedding. Many of the puppies sold there have been admitted to animal hospitals shortly after their new owners take them home and more that a couple of these puppies have died. This is due to the unhealthy environments they were born in, as well as the highly stressful and restrictive conditions of the pet stores. Three shelters in Tyler rescue dogs and two are over capacity and currently closed to new admissions. Before you support this for profit, contemptuous, malevolent company, please consider adopting from one of the following: SPCA of East Texas 3245 W Grande Blvd, Tyler, TX 75703 Phone: (903) 596-7722   Nicholas Pethaven 12903 State Hwy 155, Tyler, TX 75703 Phone(903) 630-4242   Human Society Pets Fur People (Not associated) 1823 County Rd 386, Tyler, TX 75708 Hours Open ⋅ Closes 5 PM Phone(903) 597-2471   You can also help by signing this petition and  writing

By signing this petition you are showing that we do not want Furever Pets or other businesses like it, to be allowed in our communities.

You can also help by writing to the  Broadway Square mallto let them know that the store should be removed 


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