Whilst South Africans have been pulling in the same direction of reformation, equality, and altruism since 1994, our positive movement has been resisted of late by forces within our own government. At the centre of this resistance sits the smiling, laughing, blemish on our hard-fought for democracy: Jacob Zuma. 

The recent resuffling of cabinet, and most damaging of all to our own economy, the axing of Minister Pravin Gordhan has signified President Zuma's complete disregard for the citizens of the country he helms. Moreover, it has laid bare his true intentions, i.e., to enrich himself, his cronies, his family, and the family he is long been in bed with: The Guptas. 

South Africa, we are currently being presided over by an individual who has no interests in ensuring the well being of each South African citizen or the realisation of the South African Dream. This is an individual who will happily see us sink so that he and his nefarious asscoiates can float. The ANC is too deeply entrenched in the rot or simply too impotent to act in our best interests. We And We Alone Are Responsible For Our Own Fate.

Please sign this petition to show our power; to show that we will not stand for crimes committed against us; that we will not stand for any less than we deserve.

We've come along way together. So now let's strengthen those bonds and collectively ensure that we get to our desired common destination.