Stop Syria civil war! After 5 years: Please promote peace!

Untold misery because of the civil war in Syria: When will we finally can shake up the world? And when will we call loudly and clearly for silent weapons?! Where is the beginning of a roadmap to peace? So far, especially Europe is rather looking away, while thousands of Syrian refugees are coming as boat people by the Mediterranean Sea: Without Europe is really prepared for them! 

Over 250,000 dead, millions displaced and traumatized, bombed cities, peoples suffering from hunger, destroyed infrastructures, radicalized fronts and disastrous spill over Iraq: In his now five years duration, the severe civil war in Syria has demanded incredible sacrifices and damage. And actually, only losers. What could merely bring peace? 

Europe is looking away. «It is tragic and sad, like the Western world only observes Syria», says a Swiss refugee helper from Syria*. «The people need medicine, food, clothes. When I was the last time at the spot, tears came to me.» It disturbs the native Syrian that the Western medias are mainly writing about the terrorists and less about human suffering. This is huge, especially since about half of the population is on the flight, rapported by the UN. And on all sides, terrible war crimes are happening – also rapported by the UN. 



He looks into an uncertain future. Source: * 


What is required, so that the misery in Syria could shaking up many people? It does not help to juge and treat innocent civilians in the same way as militant rebels; or to sneer contemptuously: «Your own fault!» As if the whole crisis would not concern us! Already thousands of Syria refugees  – a little part of all the millions – are on the way to Europe: by the Mediterranean Sea, by Turkey or Libya. But it doesn't seem that Europe is prepared for them ... Or that the world community takes hardly the lead, with full force, for solution paths to peace. There is no roadmap to peace in sight; but this is exactly what Syria needs: Shared world powers and willing regional groups who begin to develop ideas and concepts leading to peace.

Don't let us continue looking away from Syria! Let us look carefully to Syria and cry out against this war misery! Let us make pressure for silent weapons, reconstruction, protection of minorities and return to human civilization! 



«The undersigned request by the UN, the EU, the OSCE and the world powers … 

  • to promote peace in Syria with much more force than before, to develop rough drafts or roadmaps to achieve this goal, to start with the regions without international «fight against terrorists» and to participate willing regional partis; 
  • to come finally to an agreement in the UN Security Council, how to act in Syria – by leaving old paths, permetting compromises and closing money sources of this civil war;
  • to scout and to to punish the war crimes as thoroughly as possible;
  • and to oblige all factions in Syria gradually (perhaps province by province) towards the following objectives:    
  • Sign up as soon as possible a complete armistice and let the weapons really silent! 
  • Commit yourself to penalties into an blocked account for those who break the truce! This blocked account has to serve a fund for reconstruction under international control. 
  • Start soon after the armistice peace negotiations, by appropriate international mediation. Drag them further, even if you will reach at large problems, and furnish a high intention to compromise. This will only recognize something when you move away your maximum claims and if you all admit your co-responsibility for this disaster of your own free will. 
  • Set back your power interests. Set your focus from now on the needs of the civilian population, the reconstruction and the welfare of the whole country Syria. Provide effective help from as many third countries as possible for the civilian population, so that they can normalize their lives. And help the refugees to come home gradually and to return to a human life. 
  • Respect and protect all minorities, such as Christians, Yazidis and Kurds. Let them leading their lives in their own way; according to UN Human Rights Convention.» 



Petition author notes: The petition will be handed over to the UN in Geneva, the OSCE Office in Bern and the EU ambassador in Bern. Please sign individually (as a couple, family, appartment community), if you support the concern. Please write under «city» your political municipality (without address). The column «canton / state / province» differs identical municipalities.  Many thanks.

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