Stop the attacks and banning of the Prophetic (unstunned) slaughter method

 Stop the attacks and banning of the Prophetic (unstunned) slaughter method.


The Prophetic (unstunned) slaughter is under increasing political pressure to stop this method of slaughter in the Netherlands. 

There are similar attempts to apply similar pressure also in UK, Belgium, Denmark, France and Australia.

Despite many protests from various Islamic and Jewish organizations to stop the idea of a complete ban of unstunned slaughter the attacks in social media and politics continues. 
Although there is insufficiently substantiated scientific evidence that the Prophetic method is cruel this more political move that is against Muslims, which will impact on Muslims and Jews to fulfill their religious obligations.

For us, this will mean that:

-       No Halal meat from the prophetic method can be eaten or sold in the Netherlands.

-       The import of the prophetic slaughter method may also be banned.

-       Muslims will no longer be able to have the prophetic slaughter at the birth of a child. 

Unless pre-stunning methods are used e.g. electrified water-bath stunning for poultory, which are widely known to be not best for animal welfare. Captive bolt stunner, and even gas chamber maybe used for Halal slaughter! Please lets all act united as Muslims and as citizen of this country to sign the petition below! Also think about your family members who can not sign the petition, but if you can sign -With consent-.There is also on facebook opened a page.

Like this page also still here so we can keep you informed of the concerns with this topic: CLICK HERE


Stand up for our Rights and guarantee halal and kosher meat in the Netherlands and Belgium where at this time also this slaughter method is under threat!

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