Stop the Brookview Mobile Home Park Expansion

UMH Properties Inc., owner of the Brookview Mobile Home Park, is trying to win approval from our Town to build another massive expansion with 40 new mobile home units.  It is imperative that we take action immediately to oppose the expansion!  The consequences of it being approved could be devastating, and include:

  • Clearing and leveling 17 acres of mature protected forest and wetlands;
  • Destroying the habitats of an endangered species confirmed to be living on the property, the Northern Long-Eared bat;
  • Depleting Greenfield Center’s already stressed water supply, (Drought is the next pandemic according to the UN and various health organizations around the world);
  • Increasing wastewater releases into the environment and aquifer (BMHP admitted their sewage treatment system is already operating at max capacity!);
  • Creating a dangerous blind corner with increased traffic accidents where the property’s new access road would intersect with 9N;
  • Increased traffic congestion and noise;
  • Additional burden on the school system (Greenfield School is nearly at capacity and would require expensive renovations to accommodate a large influx of new students); 
  • Loss of property value; and
  • Disruption of several quiet home businesses which operate directly adjacent to the expansion site.


They've won before!  We can't let it happen AGAIN!!

Due to public indifference, Brookview was able to win approval for a massive 64-unit expansion in 2015.  The final stages of its construction are currently ongoing.  Unfortunately, the 2015 expansion proved that any consequences it had or may have on our community, environment, and wildlife alone wasn't enough to stop it.  Furthermore, Brookview is owned by UMH Properties Inc., a massive New Jersey-based conglomerate with a huge amount of power and legal resources.  The bottom line is this: Stopping the new expansion will not be an easy victory without public support.  We need YOUR help!  Please add your voice to the opposition by signing the petition.


We care about Brookview residents!

We do not oppose or take issue with mobile home communities or its residents.  The people of Brookview MHP are our valued neighbors, friends, teachers, emergency responders, and more.  We have personally spoken to dozens of residents of the park and found that they too, overwhelmingly oppose the expansion.  They enjoy the relatively quiet and safe community that the park currently offers.  Most of the units are surrounded by beautiful green forrest and unsurprisingly, the residents wish to keep it that way!  Many of them cited overcrowding as a major concern given that the proposed expansion's lot sizes are significantly smaller than current zoning regulations require.


Respect for Your Privacy

We need to collect addresses along with the petition signatures in order to show that the signees are residents, however, your address and email will only be visible to the author of this petition before is it submitted over to the Town for review in the Brookview case.  We respect your privacy and will keep your information safe!  



Thank you!



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