Stop the Genocide Against Libyan People

In the last three days, and instead of using water and tear gas to disperse protesters and inflect a minimum of casualties, the Government security forces are using disproportionate force, snipers and mercenaries armed with sophisticated weapons and heavy machine guns and artillery which resulted in the killing of hundreds of innocent people and counting . This is being done as we sign this petition in total impunity and in the absence of reporters as the Libyan government doesn't allow journalists and human rights monitors to work freely

Our people in Benghazi, AlBayda and all Libyain Cities are being massacred and we are sending an SOS to the international community to step in as without international efforts to hold back Quaddafi, the bloodbath in Libya will turn into genocide..

We call on the World Governments, the international community to act now in order to protect peaceful protesters in Libya from assault by pro-government armed groups who are simply demanding change and accountability.

We, signatories of the petition Call on the

  • The UN Secretary General to convene an urgent session of the United Nations Security Council to condemn the Libyan regime and decide immediate sanctions agianst it

  • The UN war Crime tribunal to issue a warrant to extradite Quaddaffi and his aids who have given order to shoot live ammunition on peaceful protesters and trie them for crimes against humanity

  • The World Governments to take immediate actions and severe their diplomatic and economic ties with the regime, call their ambassadors from Tripoli in protest, freeze the assets of the regime pundits that have been stolen from the Lybian people over four decades, issue travel restrictions towards Quaddafi and his family members

  • The International community to support as and put pressure on their governments to hold back the bloodthirsty dictator

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