Stop the indifference and corruption from Romania Hospitals!!!

Dear mums, dads with childrens from Giurgiu, from all over Romania, from Europe, from entire world!!!

I initiated this petition online for finding justice for a fair and just investigation, the dismissal of the guilty without the right to practice the profession !!!

In memory of our baby Edi we will hold a -PROTEST MEETING! Saturday, 02/04/2016 between the hours of 15: 00-17: 00 blvd. Mihai Viteazu.

Unfortunately, our baby became a martyr, maybe it was his mission on earth, which is to stop the suffering of those who came before both himself and those who come after him and have shown that this was mission baby.
Out in the streets for a better health system, to eliminate corruption, European funds for modernization and revival room of Giurgiu county hospita, for you and your children, for life and the right!
For Edi and ultimate sacrifice for which it paid, for mommy and daddy pain Georgiana Budrinca Lucian Dedeu!
Hoping that you will not remain indifferent, we organize and donations account -of Edi's daddy... steps towards truth and justice requires money! As you can donate for this 1 month angel. ... We parents will appreciate and we use them only in the name of EDI !!!
Share the story of Georgiana and Lucian on your facebook, tweeter, etc to know all about this tragedy!
Any initiative to help Georgiana and a Lucian will be rewarded spiritually and welcome!
As an aid from parent to parent, please help us!