Stop The Murders of Stray Dogs!

The latest uproar of a video posted on Youtube of how the Municipal Council's Contracts for Hire blatantly torturing and killing a stray dog is beyond the norms of the word 'inhumane'. This issue has been going on since and the animal rights movement in the world won't keep quiet about this.



We, the undersigned, bring forward to you an urgent matter as stated below:

The issue of how the Malaysian authorities turning a blind eye on the way the country's stray population are treated has got to stop!

Using brutal methods in destroying the population of strays, as well as dogs that are licensed but because of some mishap, was loose on the streets which are killed as well without any questions asked, whether killed at their pound or on site, is also unacceptable.

The populous Muslim majority country, Malaysia, is portraying to the international world of how it's Muslim majority are treating these animals. The message sent across the international media is really giving Malaysia a bad name on how it's Muslim majority are treating it's animals.

The recent case of the Majlis Perbandaran Batu Pahat (MPBP)'s contractors putting down a stray dog in a violent and inhumane way just shows how ignorant the authorities are in handling the stray population. The contractors involved are not even trained and licensed to used such lethal injections. This falls under the The Poison Act, Act 366, 1952 (

Under the Poison Act, only trained and licensed individuals are permitted to apply poisonous or lethal injections and so forth. Without these, it is against the Law and Act itself. 

32. (1) Any person who wilfully fails to keep any book required
to be kept under this Act or under any regulation made thereunder
or who wilfully fails to make in such book any entry required to
be made by any of this Act or of any regulation made thereunder
or who knowingly or recklessly makes any false entry in such
book which he knew to be false or which he did not believe to be
true shall be guilty of an offence and punishable by a fine not
exceeding five thousand ringgit.

The improper methods of treating the stray dog population is totally unacceptable in a humane society. Using lethal fire arms to shoot on site, tying a noose resulting in suffocation, beating up the dog with blunt force, and every other kinds of inhumane methods, it all attributes to the term ANIMAL ABUSE. But the mediocre Malaysian Law and punishment on Animal Abusers must be amended as well. With such a lenient punishment in place, it is sending the wrong message on how the Malaysian Government's stance on animal abuse is. It is portrayed as a 'weak' government. Even the contractors which are hired to kill the stray dogs have already breached this law by using such methods.

This is what we suggest to you in order to reclaim the already tarnished name of Malaysia itself.

1.We urged and bring forth a mandate for you who is in power to work with the various animal rights movement in Malaysia to tackle the issues of the stray population. 

2. To stop hiring non-professionals and un-trained contractors to handle the culling of the strays.

3. To educate the public on animal welfare.

We, the individuals that signed and bring forth this petition, demand the authorities to amend their policies and treatments of all stray animals, to amend the animal abuse lawas and to stop all this senseless killings.