Stop the quarry at Wreck Cove

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to call for an immediate halt to any further consideration of locating a quarry at Wreck Cove, at the foot of Cape Smokey.

This is one of this island’s iconic vistas and a major natural tourist attraction. The recent road work removed a good deal of the mountain and altered its profile dramatically, but made the road more accessible with the intention of encouraging more visitor traffic to the region and one of the most beautiful shoreline views in the world. The notion of disfiguring it now with an industrial development totally defies reason.

We are also appalled at the damage to the environment this project would cause and, at the end of the twenty year life of said operation, a legacy of scarred, barren landscape. 

We treasure the ecological value of this area and also need to protect the economic value of our tourism industry far more than any of the potential benefits that might be derived from this undertaking and that would permanently destroy a natural treasure.  There is already a quarry site at the top of Smokey that is a raw eyesore. There is no justification for more.

We strongly object to this project.

We also ask that, as much as there is a provincial oversight for the environmental impact of proposed projects, there must also be some oversight body to protect naturally beautiful, touristically valued areas. This project is .01 hectares under the size that would require an environment impact study, and there is no agency speaking for its touristic and intrinsic natural value.