Stop the unjust sactioning of players of AVATARA

Just today, the game AVATARA has banned more than 250 players for "illegal use of programs". Some were banned for 3 days, but most are banned for 7 days, which would feel like forever if you are an MMORPG player.

I admire their commitment and dedication for restricting players who are using "hacks" to unfairly play the game. However, most of these players who just got recently banned have been doing nothing but to play the game fairly. 

Being unfairly sanctioned is not new to me, I have been a subject of this earlier this year around March, they did lift the ban on my account the very same day because they know that their system is imperfect and would ban an account for it has detected something unfamiliar.

This happened as well to two of my co-players who were been banned through baseless allegations. They even replied "We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you while using the game due to our incorrect actions." I am sure that the mistake they made before is happening again now.





We spend huge amout of time and money in this game and in return, they would treat their players like this? 

This letter is to urge the developers of AVATARA to unban the account that are wrongly banned. Otherwise, suffer the consenquences. I know a lot of you are now thinking of quitting the game due to this incident.




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