Stop the "Vaccine Passport" proposed by the Liberal Government in Canada



     The urge and need of a "Vaccine Passport" for international travel to and from Canada, has been proposed by the Liberal Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Requiring Canadians and people of other nationalities to bear a "Vaccine Passport" to enter or leave Canada is not only unconstititutional and against the Nuremberg Code, but also goes against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms. No Canadian or international traveller should ever be put into a situation of becoming a second-class citizen or worse being coerced into taking a medical intervention against their conscience in order to travel.

     Although the debate on the legitimacy of the COVID-19 pandemic has been shrouded with speculation, doubt, corporate media censorship, and uncertainty, what can be for certain is that Canadians and other citizens around the world who refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccines will be faced with discrimination and treated as second-class citizens only for the fact that they opted out from injecting an experimental drug into their body. No Canadian or international traveler should ever be put into a situation of becoming a second-class citizen or worse to be coerced into taking a medical intervention against their conscience or religious beliefs in order to travel. 

Any dialogue or entertainment of the thought that a "Vaccine Passport" is going to be enforced in Canada is a clear and striking offense against the human rights and freedoms of those people who refuse to take the covid-19 experimental injections. 

     The implementation of a "Vaccine Passport" goes against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and is in direct breach of articles 1,2,3,13, and 30. Any motion to solidify such a passport upon Canadians and International visitors sets a dark unprecedented in our democracy in a time where the Will of the Canadian People is being put on "hold" due to the "Emergency State" Canada is currently under.

      Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Health Minister Patty Hajdu both came to the conclusion that the majority of Canadians are with implementing a "Vaccine Passport". This statement is based on an Ipsos statistics study surveying 21,000 persons across the world, including 1,000 persons from Canada for the 28-country survey and another 1,000 persons for the 12-country survey. Surely, this representation of the Canadian population which comprises more than 35,000,000 citizens is skewed and does not meet the criteria for a large population study in order to be statistically significant. The Ipsos study does not include any further information of the Canadian participants, including their geographical location, general position on, political affiliation, race, gender, etc... 

      Clearly basing an enormous decision such as a "Vaccine Passport" by the Liberal Federal Government would require much more scientifically and statistically sound studies from Canadian unbiased statistics firms and not that hired by the WEF whose primary aim and the goal is for a complete global "Great Reset":

   Any implementation of such an unprecedented and unconstitutional motion of a "Vaccine Passport" for COVID-19 will only mean to divide the Canadian and International community further and desecrate upon the medical rights and freedoms of those who choose not to participate in an experimental solution in which the manufacturers and Canadian government hold zero liability for any partial injuries, permanent injuries, and/or death. 

       I hereby call on all bodies of government in Canada, Federal, Provincial, and Municipal to advocate and halt the motion and idea in implementing a "Vaccine Passport" upon Canadians and International travelers for the above-mentioned reasons.

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