Stop Tony Attwood Mocking Autistic People

Tony Attwood publicly mimicked and mocked having a meltdown on stage, twice, to make the crowd laugh at a presentation in Brisbane, Australia, on the 15th of July, 2021. Apparently, he has done this type of thing before and it is not unusual behaviour for Mr Attwood. 

This petition is to ask Tony Attwood to stop publicly mocking autistic people.

We ask him to recognise that it is highly offensive to impersonate disability for amusement. It is especially offensive, inappropriate, and unprofessional to claim to be an "expert" on the very people you are mocking and worse that people are coming to learn from you.

We ask Tony Attwood to be more respectful of the Autistic Community, to listen to and raise up autistic voices as the experts, and to stop mocking disability.

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