I am a proud loving father of six wonderful children. In Preston County W.V. the FAMILY COURT is taking kids from everyone, these officials are using the opiate crisis to take every child they can,even if there is no reason.  kids equal cash KIDS=$. Its a sad day in America when happy families are being ripped appart just so that state officials and politics can improve themselves,and their positions.This is a national crisis, and the higher courts are turning a blind eye, the FBI will not even look into it. It is up the people to take a stand against this CORRUPTION. They provide people with court appointed attorneys that do the prosecutors dirty work and conspire against their own clients. These officials do not judge by race, or by looks, they target people that are poor, after all their secrete weapons are the appointed attornies. CPS workers have tried to take a stand and stop these officials and find themselves in the unemployment line if they are lucky, possably in jail, or like in my case dissapeared along with any documents and reports that they have made. I even had a public defender( LISA HYER) that tried to take a stand on my behalf and now she no longer works forthe public defenders and the new cheif defender is a young attorny that was a asst. clerk at the court. (Sam Hess). These attornies along with the JUDGE,PROSECUTOR,GAL,and all OFFICIALS envolved. It feels like MOM & DAD against the world. They force parents to sign whatever benifits and hides their crimes. They try to force parents into plea bargains. If a parent takes a stand and tries to protect their family and expose them, WE are charged with 12 felonies,6 feloney child concealment, and 6 feloney conspiracy. when all it really is by law is 1 count of contempt. If hey are threatened by a parent they put themin jail and place a $120,012.00 bail and unlafully refuse to reduce it, this is my wife's bail, mine was $30,000.00 and was reduced to $10,000.00. because my wife does expose them. Judge Steven Shaffer told us and many other parents that if they protest he will put them in jail. I can prove that every word that the GAL (Kristen Antolini) presented to take my kids is false, every single word. I had six kids thats a lot of funding $$$. I can prove that CPS did not agree or want to take my kids. The first two or three workers did nt agree with this inhumane coruption. But the judge and prosecution just bring in their family/friends as CPS workers to play their part. My case can and will expose and help a lot of innocent children and parents. They suppress the children and will not alow 17 yr old kids/ yung adults to speak. We need to take back the FAMILY COURTS, and hold these officials/criminals accountable, and to once again enforce the CONSTITUTION. Is not the law thats the problem, its people not following the law, and no oversight or accountability. LETS MAKE IT STOP, TAKE A STAND AND PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS!!! 

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