Stop the planned implementation of HOFO on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

European Aviation Safety Agency(EASA) has developed a set of new common European regulations for helicopter operations offshore.
The new regulations will put Norwegian authorities under pressure to open the Norwegian continental shelf for operators from other countries.

Helicopter companies operating on the Norwegian Continental Shelf today, are approved and controlled by the Norwegian authorities.

If the new rules are implemented in Norway, it will be full steam ahead for operators from any EU country to operate on the Norwegian continental shelf, without the Norwegian authorities having the opportunity to perform the same supervision, as they do with the Norwegian operators today.
As well, norwegian authorities will not be able to issue norwegian directives any longer for the operations, as they do today.

NHF fears that safety of operations will decrease, and the level of risk will increase by such harmonization and deregulation.

Sign our petition, if you want to say NO to this new rules!

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