Student Financial Aid 2015

We the people who have signed this adress wish to make it clear that we oppose the decision by parliament to limit the student financial aid to only one degree.


This week the parliament is about to accept the new stricter student Financial aid (FA) distribution rules.
I see many problems with this, and I would like to share a few with you:

What this actually means is that a student may only get FA for their first degree, but not for any other degree of the same level afterwards. For example: If you get a bachelor's degree in arts, you will not get FA if you decide to then pursue a bachelor's degree in nursing.
The student's will not be given FA in their second degree even if they never applied for FA for the first one, so for those students who are now studying subjects and refused the FA because they wanted to save it for a second degree will be denied such FA. 

I study medicine so this is not a problem that will affect me, but I know many people who were unable to get to their first choise of subject and had to study something similar first. This new decision will make this much harder because they might be financially unable to study a second degree. 

This might also lead to higher rate of dropouts because the stress of doing multiple shifts of work while reading a possibly difficult subject fulltime will make some students unable to pass their tests. 

I hope for your help and signatures, so that we can help these students and safeguard the future of our nation.