Students at SAMBach demand feedback

Students at SAMBach demand feedback

Feedback is an essential part of learning and improving – because it is through dialog, you will know in which areas to improve and how to do better.

When you hand in papers and do not get feedback, you reduce the examinations to a stop-test dividing students into passes/failed – instead of making it an educational tool. Without feedback, it impossible to know how to improve – regardless of whether you pass or fail. That means that many students feel indifferent to their studies and that the university does not take them seriously. This is especially the case at SamBach for the students at their first semesters – where it is of significantly high importance to avoid dropouts.

An active culture of feedback and interaction will improve the education and university at many levels. You would make sure the lecturers pay attention to the individual assignments, when they have to evaluate it though words, it will also make it almost impossible for lecturers to accidently fail the wrong persons. At the same time, it will be possible to discover general points to be improved at the specific course or lectures lack of educational skills. In the end, a culture of more interaction between students and lecturers will result in a more dynamic university with students being an active part of the academic research. The social dimension of securing that students will not rely on family or network to help them learn the academic language is also central.

Students at SAMBach demand a serious improvement of the feedback culture.
There are many ways of integrating feedback in the education. We suggest a few

  • Individual feedback (written or oral) for every student for every assignment.
  • The lecturer formulates common feedback with main tendencies in the assignments of the class in general.
  • The lecturer will have their office open in certain hours for the students to drop by and ask questions about their assignment
  • Make a feedback sheet with different boxes for the lecturer to tick off (grammar, understanding of theory, clear argumentation, structure etc.), which will indicate what the students have to improve.


We call for a discussion at SAM and in the study board!