Superbook by Sentio (formerly Andromium)

We have all been scammed by Sentio (formerly Andromium).  We must all collectively join together and sign this petition which will then be sent to KickStarter and Sentio.

I personally did receive my Superbook, but damaged and unusable on arival, and many of you have either received damaged units, or NO UNIT AT ALL!

The situation we are in is not acceptible, we trusted Kickstarter and believed in them - yes we know things can get delayed and change along the way, but now we are in the situation where people didn't even receive their item.

Sentio (formerly Andromium) received MILLIONS of dollars from us all for this campagne - we need to act together as ONE VOICE so that we can send this to KickStarter and Sentio for them to action.

By singing this petition, you agree that your collected data including persoanl details can be used to raise issues and concerns which will be presented to KickStarter and Sentio (formerly Andromium) in an official format.

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