For decades, families have been using the northside of the Snake River Canyon for many enjoyable sports including shooting. The use of the area by rifle, pistol, and shotgun shooters in a year's time would be well over a thousand individuals. When the Snake River Canyons Park was created, shooters were pushed to the east side of the park with shooting only to the east of the 700 east road. Then, with the use of the area by a few irresponsible individuals shooting all manner of debris and signs in the park and leaving garbage everywhere, shooting was discontinued. This displaced one of the top 2 uses of the area. Then finally the Jerome County Commissioners passed an ordinance prohibiting all shooting south of 1-84 after receiving several safety complaints concerning shooting in the park and pressure for the parks board.

    Now with the help of Jerome County, Snake River Canyons Parks, Bureau of Land Management, Idaho Department of Fish and Game, and you the public, a new shooting facility is being planned. The location would be just north of I-84 and east of the 700 east road.

    We are looking for support of this "idea" from the public to build this range that would in time include ranges and disciplines for rifle, pistol, shotgun and archery.

Would you support this "idea"?

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