Support for the development of the DIRECT DEMOCRACY in Montenegro

By signing this petition, you are supporting the promotion and development of DIRECT DEMOCRACY through modern technologies.

By signing, you do not become a member or sympathizer of any party.

By establishing an NGO and its activities,  we want to influence on elimination of the  all barriers in the dialogue between people, whether those barriers are political, religious, national, or any other kind.

The goals of the association are:

1. Promotion of Direct Democracy

2. Promotion of social dialogue

3. Promotion of transparency in all public organizations

We want to unite all people who are dissatisfied with the current state of political life in our country, enlarge their opinions, make them visible and thus create a collective force that will be able to present every problem publicly, respecting the demand of the common good.

All well-meaning people, regardless of party, religious or any other affiliation, will have the opportunity to propose and participate in the creation of all content, which we will deal with publicly.

With your actions, suggestions, criticisms, get actively and directly involved in the public life of society!

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Let's make Montenegro a more beautiful place for EVERYONE to live!

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