Support for the Lupeituu Family

 Date: 11th July 2017

 To The Honourable Minister of Immigration

The list below are extended families and friends of the Lupeituu family. They all know

Filipe, Maggie, Robert and Moriah Lupeituu well. They are all currently living in New



We the undersigned unite to appeal to the Minister of Immigration that Filipe, Maggie,

Robert and Moriah Lupeituu be allowed to live and work in New Zealand permanently.

If Moriah were to leave New Zealand she will face certain death due to her medical

condition. Tongan hospitals cannot cater for her situation. Moriah needs special medical

treatment and care for her development and growth here in New Zealand. Maggie needs to be

with her as she is her mother and primary care-giver. Filipe has a good job here and needs to

continue working to support the family. Robert, Moriah's only big brother, needs to be with

both his parents in NZ. The Lupeituus must remain together as a family unit in New Zealand.

Returning to Tonga is not an option as Moriah will certainly die.


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