Support The Sale of Tafelberg School to PJJD School

By signing this petition I confirm my support for the proposed disposal by the Western Cape Government ("Province") of the Tafelberg School Property in Sea Point to the Phyllis Jowell Jewish Day School (PJJDS).

The proposed disposal has substantial benefits for a wide variety of stakeholders including the local community, Sea Point residents, local businesses, the Province and the City of Cape Town more broadly. These benefits include:  

1. Proactively breathing fresh life into the Tafelberg School Property which has been vacant and derelict for a number of years. This will also have many positive and uplifting environmental spinoffs for the Sea Point area;

2. Restoring and revitalising the neglected historic school building for re-use as a non-profit community school;

3. Preserving and enhancing the magnificent heritage aspects of the property;

4. Addressing the critical shortage of space for independent and community school facilities for the growing demand on the Atlantic Sea Board. Tafelberg is one of the few, if not only, remaining available and appropriately zoned sites for a school in the area;

5. Attracting further investment into the Sea Point area with consequent employment creation and economic growth benefits in the area;

6. Unlocking value for the Province from the Tafelberg School Property at a premium price based on high land values in the area. These proceeds can be applied by Province to fund social delivery initiatives in the Province and the city (including possibly into the area of affordable housing). Similarly for the city in terms of an enhanced rates base;

7. Creating educational, cultural and recreational facilities for the benefit of the community and the broader base of Sea Point residents and visitors to the area;