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As the population of Black and other minorities rise at Fountain Valley High School Elijah Karunwi as well as 100 percent of  students with African,Carribean,Polynesian(etc) heritage belive that it is important that community, union and most importantly a safe space is formed within our community at a FVHS.It is our mission to make FVHS a better place and create an impact that will be felt through the higstiry of FVHS. By signing this petition you are showing that you are in support and will support this new beginning and creation of a face of change at FVHS in the form of the Black Student Union. By signing this petition the Union will have proof of a well structed support system and family. All signatures from Parents,Students,Teachers, and Admin will greatly help in the the development of this union. Every Signature Means a lot to each and everyone of us and is greatly appreciated.(if your a student interested attach your Instagram username to be added to the Black Student Union groupchat for updates and more Info)FF6B6D61-D505-455D-A264-F370EA2BDE4A.jpeg

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