Support to the Greek People

Both the Greek and non-Greek community of Australia, and particularly the city of Melbourne in the state of Victoria, support our Greek brothers and sisters during this difficult period of our nation’s history, in having the courage and strength to combat the crisis and overcome it, which will result in Greece once again shinning as a beacon of hope for Western civilization and Western democratic standards. The Greek people have had the strength to survive severe austerity measures since the crisis erupted in 2009, and to this day the Greek people do not submit nor give up hope. Greece will rise up once again. This is a short difficult period in a very long and glorious history, this will not define Greece in the future, rather it will be something we look back and laugh at instead.

We, the undersigned, are concerned and supportive citizens who stand by the Greek people and the country of Greece in general during this difficult time, and urge our Greek leaders to act swiftly to bring the country back to growth, and provide all assistance necessary to the people of Greece.