Save Alicia Online / Support the Team!

Hey guys.
I created this Petition to show the Alicia Team and especially Alex, how many people actually stand behind them.

Let us show them how many People are actually grateful for all the effort they put in the Game!
If we don't do that now, maybe it'll be too late. 

I don't know if you already heard about anything but, we don't know if Alicia will survive this.
As you may know, Alex (The Developer), Kuri and the Team get alot of hate during ungrateful Facebook Comment for quite a while now (almost ever) but now there was published a Video called ''Issues regard the Team''
You can create your own Opinion but i can say, that alot of things that was told in this video are just not true or half true OR out of context.
They want Alex to leave the Team, that he is incapable of criticism, that Kuri and Him are like ''devil disney characters'' (wtf man) and that they don't care about the Community and their wishes. That they refuse Idea's they don't like and that they are rude to people with actual ideas.
First of all:
What if?
It's his Game.
It is his decision whether to bring things into the Game or not.
In the end he has to program all that shit. There were also some ideas that 'Mia' had, might have meant nicely, but absolutely not fitting for a game like Alicia.
Mane Slider? Cmon. What next? Just buying your favourite Coat in the Shop, cause it's too exhausting to put effort in breeding? I mean, Alex is so nice to throw money at you Whenever an event takes place, so you all don't mind huh?
Do i have to remind you how often Alex asked the Communitsy for their Ideas and Feedback? So freakin often i can't count.
The Flax mane, for example. On which code the community wants it, etc.etc.
He doesn't earn anything from the game - other way round: he actually pays for the Servers, Do you know how expensive it is to run a server ore more with that many slots? No? I Guess it's about 500-1k EACH MONTH.
But in the end i can just guess. He is spending is free time for you all and what does he get? Lies and Bullshit from ungrateful, butthurted People.
Thats not all.
Like some People, do you really think you can run Alicia by yourself when Alex decides to give up on this Project?
 I talked to a few people who actually think its easy but they have no freakin clue about anything, especially not programming.
Why do you think Alicia was offline for two years huh? Because there weren't enough skilled programmer who could possibly do it? No.
Because no one would put so much time, effort and money on a game that gives you nothing. But just like me, and everyone else - especially old players from back then, Alex knows how much Joy Alicia gave us. And Alex gave us that Joy when he decided to spent alot of his Life to - MAKE ALICIA GREAT AGAIN (lel)
And now there are People who actually want him to leave.
And to be honest. I would leave. If i would have given so much for this Game and for people who actually don't care about it, i would stop too.
Maybe run a Server for a me and a few People that are actually grateful and support me. But the rest?
I don't know how people can be this ungrateful, disrespectful and hateful towards a Person who gave so much to us.
I will support Alex, I will support Kuri and i will support everyone who actually want to be Part of Alicia til' the bitter end.
And i hope you will too.
Thanks for reading.

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