Petition for Supporting Development and Finishing of Borsec Spa in Romania

In a nutshell about the effort: Borsec has been a renowned spa town for centuries past, and nowdays is on highspeed reconstruction

In this spa town situated in the Northern corner of Harghita county (Romania, Transsylvania region) there are 13 different mineral springs. Borsec is focused on the keywords “healthy lifestyle” and “health resort”. In 2011 they finished the construction of Fairy Garden public bath and in 2012 the "little" (capacity of 30 user per day) O-Saros spa with heated mineral water was opened to the public. (Details on Borsec site: )

A new Treatment- and wellness spa center has been built in 2011 with government funds, which dissipated in 2012, thus the spa center is standing half built.

The petition aims to bring civil awareness, and to achieve a low modification from the Romanian Governement, for the financial support of Harghita County Council and Borsec City Hall, in the forms of a loan (for which a law is needed), to finish building and bringing it to an operating state. To get the project to the next lever, the local government along with the county government is planning to access loans, however these are not available yet, unless a law is past for their validity.

This is a timely question and an urgent solution is needed as the building is deteriorating without the supporting infrastructure. The total value of the investment is a bit over 7 million Euros, or about 7.5 million US Dollars, and it will have the capacity of 1000 users per day in the Summer, and about 700 during Winter.

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Thank you for your time and consideration!


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