Supporting People in Bahrain

Dear Medical colleagues, Following the peaceful protests which kicked off in February 2011 in Bahrain, mounting evidence has shown that brutal force has been utilised by the army of Bahrain in order to clamp down on innocent and unarmed civilians. The ruling party has also called in troops from neighbouring countries, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to support this ruthless aggression. This has unfortunately received little attention from the media in the west. There has been wide spread on the ground coverage of the atrocities committed against the protesters, examples of which can be seen by accessing the following URL: Hospitals and medical personnel have also been targeted and there have been confirmed reports of missing doctors. Dr Bahia Alaradi, a female doctor working in the main hospital in Manama, the capital of Bahrain was killed by the authorities. There are reports that confirm infiltration by government officials and army personnel into the hospitals in order to present obstacles that prevent treating injured civilians. We are asking you to sign this petition to express our anger against these atrocities. We ask the General Medical Council to mount pressure through official means in order to boost international efforts towards ending the use of brutal force. We also call on the Bahraini government to provide protection of medical personnel and to maintain much needed urgent medical supplies. Thank you,  

Dr Hussain Alsaffar and colleagues    Contact the author of the petition