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Primary reason for petition:

The EU double standard became obvious during the investigation of a judgment (for full text, click here) related to totalitarian symbolism. On March 8, 2012, the EU imposed a fine of 5,600 Euros to Hungary for a local court decision that convicted a Hungarian citizen for the offense of having displayed  a five-pointed red star in public. In Hungary, the statutory provision prohibits everyone from the use of totalitarian symbols, including the five-pointed red star as well as the Nazi swastika, associated with totalitarian dictatorships.

It is a well-known historical fact that Communist dictatorships all over the world had claimed and continue to claim far more victims than the regimes which were hallmarked by the swastika.

Even though the historical context may explain why those West European nations who never suffered from the crimes of a totalitarian Communist regime do not condemn its symbols, their acceptance of a five-pointed red star still fails to apply universal standards. This double standard is unfortunate and unacceptable.

We, people of Eastern Europe, together with our supporters from Western Europe who are sensitive to our sufferings and fears, object to the double standard that the EU exhibits.

We demand that the two symbols of dictatorship, the swastika and the five-pointed red star, will be viewed as symbols of equally evil and criminal regimes, and as such, they will be both prohibited.

Upon having collected the required number of signatures, we will submit our petition to the appropriate EU forum.


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