Sydney 188 Applicants

For applicants whose provisonal visa was nominated by NSW, the conditions have been changed in a way that many of them may not be able to meet the new requirements.

The recent changes are as belows:

1- Net and personal assets have been increased to A$1,500,000, which was A$900,000 before.

2- "Two out of three conditions" for employees has been removed.

3- The word "NEW" has been added to employees, which is vague and confusing.

4- It has been issued that the applicant must have A$600,000 in Sydney as business assets while the business investment should be A$500,000. How will it be possible?
It was A$300,000 for net assets and A$500,000 for business investment before.

5- And it has been mentioned that all of these criteria are valid from 1 July 2021 onwards. So what about applicants who have applied after 1 July 2021 and before these changes? As they have not had any information about these changes. 

We kindly request to postpone these changes to 1 July 2022 or at least waive them for the applicants who have been nominated for NSW up to now.

On behalf of Iranian visa applicants

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