Tarred Road from Fairlie to Mabitsela to Leokaneng to Pinkie.

10984616_457107261106723_3039298843043703702_n.jpgWe the people of Fairlie, Mabitsela, Leokaneng and Pinke state firmly that we want the road between these Villages to be tarred. It has been over 20 years since constituitional democracy ( 1994 ) without a proper road. Road conditions are unbrearable. When it rains cars cant go anywhere, people cant go to work, cars get damaged everyday. We feel like we are not part of South African Society. We sign this petition with understanding that  Democratic Alliance will represent our villages at relevant platforms to have a solution to this long term problem that puts a tangible strain on transport system ( very few taxis take people to and from town, Ambulances arriving late to take patients to hospital, mobile clinic cars not coming for provision of health-care services when it's raining, road is flooded with water, etc ). There is no skepticism that tarred road will improve transport system. There will be more taxis taking people to different areas like towns, clinics, hospitals, work, etc. During rainy seasons, no road travels will be affected. Travelling time betweeen these villages is prolonged on account of cars moving at a snail pace to avoid mechanical problems related to unbearable road conditions. This inconveniences both drivers  and passangers. From Leokaneng to Fairlie, a car can take  about 35min or even more while this with tarred road it can be less than 15min.