Tarred road from Letlhakeng via Voordonker to Katnagel

The road from Letlhakeng via Voordonker to Kanagel and neighbouring villages is in an unacceptable state. During rainy seasons it is so bad that we cannot even  arrive at our homes nor leave the villages.  These villages lack basic services like clinics, police stations and schools. The road  makes matters worse as it literally  makes it  impossible for us to get assistance when ts needed. Young people have missed interviews, failed to save lives, slept on the side of the road etc. because of this bad road and yet we continue paying tax and voting without any service delivery.  During dry seasons the road is very bumpy and damages vehicles travelling on this road. THIS IS THE ROAD THAT CONNECTS US TO RUSTENBURH ToWN AND NEARBY SERVICES. It has been 23 years of democracy but we have nothing to show for it except moving to the cities searching for basic services.