“South African women in South Africa have greater chances of being raped than learn” Published by the NGO Pulse.   We can no longer highlight how barbaric rape is, and say we have suffered and traumatised enough.  This time we need to say enough and as South Africans we need to stand together and root it out.   We need to stand together and let the authorities know that we can no longer stand by and wait for them to act.  As citizens we will mobilise and ensure that these people are taken out of our society.   This does not only affect one sector of the community but all of us.  So this is the message to the rapists, that before you do it you will need to think twice.  To the community, if you know anyone that goes around raping or harassing citizens sexually it is your duty to act on it.  We call on everyone to stand together.   To the recipients of this petition, please note that we have had enough.  We would like you to work with us to handle this issue.  We need to hold hands and make it known to these rapists, molesters and abusers that they are not welcomed in our communities.   We would like as South Africans to feel safe, that we can walk the streets and be safe, board taxis and get to our destination safely, be able to walk at taxi ranks without fear of being harassed due to what we would be wearing.