Get Taylor Swift to come back to the Philippines

To You, my dear reader:

Most Pinoy Swifties haven't met Taylor yet and we want to meet her. We love having her in the Philippines. We love her music and optimism in life and that's how she changed our lives. Swifties all over the world wait for her anxiously and so do we. We want her to come back. We love her very much and we would like to show her this. Please sign this petition and support it! Thanks so much! Stay Fearless! <3 13!!!

To Taylor:

Thank you so much Taylor for inspiring us and changing our lives and giving us hope to know that we're not alone. You don't know how much you mean to us. Thank you for being true to us and for being such a good person to us fans. Please come back! We really need you. We really love you Taylor and we're always here to support you! Forever and Always!!! <3

Stay Fearless! <13

~ Pinoy Swifties ~